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World Of Silver And Black - текст песни

World Of Silver And Black

[Music: Mikael Dahl o Lyrics: Andreas Gotesson]

I think I'm standing in a garden at night

The distant stars provide the only light

Strange flowers grow all around me,

theyr heavy fragance intoxicates me


Reality is slowly growing dimmer

and I begin to see a new world shimmer

It's like seeing through a silver haze

into a weird but beautiful place

Filled with dreams I begin to wonder

through this maze of alien wonders

Into glades with ponds of starlight,

ethereal beauty beyond human might


And I see statues moving moving as in trance

with slow gestures, in a grotesque dance

to the mystical and haunting tunes

that fills this place like narcotic fumes


I might be dead: or maybe I am dreaming?

it doesn't matter, it has no meaning

in this world of black and silver

[Solo: Dhal]


Then this dream-state takes an evil twist

And all the sudden rises a reeking mist

The air turns foul by the sickening haze

Corruption spreads throughout the maze

Malignant shadows with lurid eyes,

roars with laughter as the beauty dies

Insane whispers and bestial groans,

mingle with my tormented moans


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