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Day One - текст песни

Day One

[Diamond D]

Now its the mad magician with the ill deposition

No repetition holdin down Bronx tradition

My composition simply squash the competition

Step up and get beat into submission

Cause this musician with the street intuition

7-35 fuel-injected transmission

My opposition will have to recognize my steez

Exotic trees leave a trail of scuffed up knees

So please you couldn't touch this cat with a stick

Quick to inflict tricks blaze up in the flick

Son I'm sick and you could put that on my mama

Exclamation point, quotation, comma

Lay up on the beaches when I'm down in the Bahamas

The skills go back to the days of wonderama

So pass the scama, son its time to get this money

So we can relax and recline where its sunny

[Big L]

I went from standin on the corner sellin cocaine

To rippin shows live on stage the hoes yellin my name

To be precise rippin mics is the light of my life

You frontin like you trife but never pulled a heist in your life

The price of my ice is sky high, I'm a fly guy

Its every thugs dream I really love cream, its in my blood stream

You mad cause I got more chicks than you, more bricks than you

More nines and extra clips than you

Where I live it ain't a nice town

You can't walk around with ice down

Some clown probably gettin stuck right now

Peace to D-I-T-C, Show and AG, Fat J-O-E

Diamond D, Lord Finesse, and me

I'm from the East Coast, this is how we roll in New York

A bunch of rowdy niggas holdin the fort

Jackin creeps, packin heat, these Harlem streets is for keeps

Much love to all my peeps who got a couple of sheets


Yo, most these rap cats don't know

Where it started, wher it came from

We been rappin this shit since Day One

Diggin In The Crates originators

Why niggas playa haters

Knowin damn well you can't fade us

[A.G. (Andre the Giant)]

You better take me out quick

Cause I'm accurate when I bust mine

And make it count like Jordan at crunch time

Just in case I play Fishburn and double up on nines

You can never make it rain or stop my sunshine

So I keep eyes on these chumps the whole time

Take note of your technique like we sceme on dimes

Disregard your crew, fuck your heart

Put a slug in me, it'll be marriage

'Til death do us part

Until then master this art and kill them

With the pen thats dramatic, automatics I commit sins

Hold my head, but when I've had it I test chins

If that ain't real then feel the stainless steel

Bang'em and hang'em like they did our relatives

Thought he was the best on the mic that ever lived, negative

Wu-diggity if you with me then say word

Lets get twisted like bottlecaps [and] create like Spielberg

[Lord Finesse]

Check the referral, man my whole squad's thorough

We worldwide niggas is nice in one burrough

We all gleam, plus we feind for more cream

You got some nice players they just on the wrong team

Nahmean...as the world turns

Avoid concern we'll set you straight like a perm

Rap apostle lyrical type picasso kinda hostile

Nothing less than colossal, you dig me like fossils

Be the cat with the groovy soul

Lotta rappers out here acting with no movie roles

You know the deal I represent skills

And niggas with bank reels that live to make a mil

On the real thats my motto

To hard to follow

When dinasour perform goin out like bravado

Hard to hit like lotto underworld role model

D.I.T.C. we be them cats to tomorrow



Holdin it down for D.I.T.C niggas stink like feces

Goin against raw dogs ya lost

The way I simulate rhyme and rhythimatic timin

On beat off beat drunk flow here we go

Assignments handed out each individual stand out

Carryin his own clout

Phenomenal motions of rap I pose a threat

Foes I put em on a block like a hole in a pin

Lyrical genocide on the witty side

Niggas give me respect due like the pope in a synagogue

Who waitin my odds O.C. far from a fraud

You waste my time nigga so I bagged your broad

Blow your mind ditto with no conscience

I decide the law motherfucker I'm Congress

This concludes my repetoire what I be on

MC's make way for mine or get peed on

Fuck that

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