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Hey Luv - текст песни

Hey Luv

(feat. Cuban Link, Milano)

[Intro: Milano]

Yeah, Milano, Cuban Links, O.C.

You know how we do things

We always get our way

Ungh, never hate when we play

Know what I mean


[Verse 1:]

I only think of broads on two occasions

When I'm blazin and try to persuade 'em

To slide off with slick dialogue

We pop off a bottle of Remi, Milano got plenty

Pocket of Benji', swallowin Jimmy

Mami hot already, Poppi been heavy

Before I got signed, before I wore signs

Why the broke niggas swear they only quote dimes

Or hold minds

And made a law

?Forced into immigrant walls?

Making high calls

Like damn paso's

Ya'll ain't playa's you just keep the bench warm

Milano run through 'em, life Stephon

Get you game tight, I'm the exception

A freak when I get my sex on

Lick cheeks when the thongs come off

Whip cream with cherry Hagen Daaz

For starters we take shots with Polaroids

Runnin trizzy, call all my boys

Watchin Six get busy with a roll of toys

Still keep it low point

Standin a club up

My niggaz wild and drunk

Ain't no stoppin us

From getting lots of love, puffin chocolate

On acid we got the rough

Should we locks it up?

It ain't hard to spot us

Pullin the Expo slow, tellin the hoes to pile up

No wonder on the low, niggas despise us

Cause we live'as

[Chorus: Milano]

Now when we up in the club we lookin major, hey luv

We pop puffs, cause we paid up, hey luv

Now its off to my crib for a night cap, straight up

Forgot the small talk ma we just wanna lay up


[Verse 2: Cuban Link]

Yea, stick the pretty up

Poppa stopped by the titty clubs

Pimpin ain't easy like the shit I did with ?Willie Stubbs?

Really love

Money, power and respect

Honey that fuck for hours in bed

Sex in the showers the best

Check out the body banger

The hottest Pocahontas, she's probably danger

I'm not a stranger

To the game so I'm throwing change up

My willy fingers trying to figure her out

I dig her style, I'ma find out what this chick is about

Fuck the foul chickens, I need a money makin honey

A playboy bunny

That doesn't want nuthin from me

Its funny how she's one of a kind

From front and behind, top of the line

Dimepiece, bright as the sunshine

My kinda lady, maybe

Drives me crazy, like Miss Daisy

The wake she shakes her acey

Makes me wanna taste her pastry

Maybe its the liquor talking

Cause I don't whisper often

A simple kiss, will have her grab my wrist, and wishin she was closin

This is more than just a portion

Of my lifestyle my right brow

Took her to my crib, and put the lights out


[Verse 3: Milano]

Ungh, listen ma

Its only certain ones

That get to slurpin on my tongue

Worstened by some

hurtin them buns

Workin it luv

Shit is worst when I'm numb

Any hottie

is getting back shotties

It'll probably be hours before

I seem twisted from the Bacardi on

if they party on

Like its Mardi Gras

Brought the camcorders along

Ladies, time to flaunt on

Get the hunny, pour it on

Lickin your buddy, I saw it all

Recorded it all

So if you wanna be on that at all

Got the baddest broads

Lockin they jaws

Never cockin it raw

I'm not the aids type for blotches or sores

I'm getting paid right, watch for them frauds

Even my chains ice nigga, alotta's the call

Some slice whores, I see 'em coming

Its like once you pluck, you got 'em pregnant or somethin

For those they hunger

Trying to trap dudes

See I get my woman bashful

Freak on the low, on natural

Bank account on cash rules

Thats an example, so while I'm tappin your womb

I'm laughin at you

Spending your loot, on casual

Jewels, and shoes

Don't act the fool

Like your screws loose

I ain't to blame

See she wasn't tame

And I ain't even have to drop game

Born to rock game

Milan', when my crews involved, its how we swang

This is how we swang


[Outro: Cuban Link]

Lay up, lay up

Straight up, straight up

ungh, ungh, ungh

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