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All On My Nut Sac - текст песни

All On My Nut Sac

[Ice Cube:]

It's like push, push, in the bush (man fuck you)

You from the cluck crew

Nigga I got money like a black man (man fuck you)


Negro you and your payroll

[Ice Cube:]

Say ho this nigga got the yay-O

Pump that shit from L.A. to San Diego

Now do you wanna join my crew?


Man fuck you nigga, I thought you knew

Now I gotta lay you out, play you out

For sellin' that shit all about

[Ice Cube:]

Nigga I got clout

Throughout the projects


Yeah, for robbin' black folks for their checks

Now we gotta break necks

[Ice Cube:]

Black man don't flex on a brother

Unless you a plain clothes, undercover


Man fuck you

You can't get your slang on

But you got black folks singin that same song (Texts of songs ) (yeah)

[Ice Cube:]

I used to get my bang on

Now I got money anythang's on


Man fuck you

Because your dead wrong

Use your mind black man

I can tell that your head strong

[Ice Cube:]

So what should I do?

Work for $3.22?

"Welcome to McDonald's may I please help you?"

I don't think so homey don't play that


Yeah, but heres a gun,

Can homey say gat? (yep)

So ease back

Or we'll peel your cap

'Cuz you can get a smack for that, black

[Ice Cube:]

So do you wanna join my crew?


Punk, I don't work for nobody (man fuck you)


(Ice Cube) I can tell, your all on my nutsac

(Ice Cube) Motherfuckin peasants is all on my nutsac


Niggas never thought dope-dealin would play out

So now they move way out

But nigga you can stay out - the ghetto

With your little baggies and shit

[Ice Cube:]

But I gotta buy my silk shirt and my khakis from the swap meet


Yeah fuckin' with them defs you got beat

And whitey can't wait to see yo' ass in the hot seat

[Ice Cube:]

Man, fuck you 'cuz I got rocks in my pockets

Get you so high niggas call my shit rockets

Money parlayin', got my car layin'

Bendin' on the corner sellin'

Crack to the corners motherfucker


You'se a sucker

I hope a good ducker

Looks like I'ma have to bust a cap on my brother (yeah)

[Ice Cube:]

So do you wanna join my crew?


I told your little ass before (man fuck you)


(Ice Cube) It's a shame, your all on my nutsac

(Ice Cube) And it's apparent, your all on my nutsac


Driving through my hood

Rollin in your crack car

Basehead's out the block chasing like a track star

[Ice Cube:]

I might let a few of them catch me

Fuck the police the motherfuckers wanna stretch me

Have a big nigga undress me

Call me sweetheart or even sexy


Now who's giving up the crack

And I ain't talkin' about the plastic sacs

Man fuck that, you gonna let Jack play the mack

Guaranteed to hit your ass from the back

[Ice Cube:]

Man fuck you Jay-Dee

You got three babies

Talkin' that shit

Punk, you can't phase me


But my nine goes "buck-buck...pow!"

Bitch! (now look at you now)

[Ice Cube:]

Man fuck you!


A tiskcut a tasket

Now look who's in a casket

I knew I'd get your ass one day

Scandulous bastard

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