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Тексты песен на английском, аккорды, табулатуры, гитара, Texts of songs, the song text, chords, notes » D » Daniel Bedingfield
A Kiss Without Commitment - текст песни

A Kiss Without Commitment

A kiss without commitment's

Like a flower without the rain

It only leads to pain

And it fills my heart with emptiness

Your touch without commitment's

Like a calm before the storm

The tears are starting to form in my eyes

When I kissed you I was curious

The child that I was

I never realised I would love you so

And in the magic of the moment

I was swept to the side

And I saw your heart

So small and tender

Physical is fine

But I cannot avoid the pain

I'm like an express train

As I surge towards the mountains

I am certain as I'm livin'

I cannot do this again

We're much too greater friends

To play games

When I kissed you it was

Everything I dreamed it would be

But I never dreamed it would mean so much to me

And our friendship is too valuable to carelessly lose

So today I choose

To really love you

Jessica your heart is

Like a newly budding rose

Expanding as she grows

Your petals have been bruised

But you have so much love to give

And it's so beautiful to see

You're beautiful to me, my friend

And when I kissed you

I believed it wouldn't get in the way

I want to stay your friend and have it fine

And I'm hoping that our God can make great things of our lives

His love survives

The greatest struggles

Jessica your gate is open, nothing in your way

A friend you'll always stay to me

Whatever else we're gonna be

A friend

You'll always stay to me

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