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Тексты песен на английском, аккорды, табулатуры, гитара, Texts of songs, the song text, chords, notes » D » Dayton Family
Drugstore - текст песни


yeah the dayton family back up in this bitch backstabber shoestring and that

nigga bootmothafuckinzilla - bootleg gotta nigga rippin the flow flippin it

slow got my foot back in the door here i go im motivated like im snortin the

blow refuse to poor gheto life is all that i know big bag duffle bags toe tags

nigga thats tryin to stop player profit bootzilla popem 36oz copin dope chopin

labratory never stopin keep the crackheads hopin henen out the yae house when

im in it on my block an 8th of rock sold every minite chicken heads im hitten

fine birds through the mitten any ho that chose get her nose frost bitten leg

is never quiten hardest nigga that spitten records arebein sold from dayton ave

to britain rappin is like cokin cocain in the kitchen niggas can come up missin

if they snitchin first nigga thats killinem bullets bustin and drillinem every

flow i flow is packed with dayton adrinalin rollin on my camilion paint i aint

fuckin with bitches unless my man and them is fellinem so dig that much of it

bootzilla the real nigga bustin out in public intodusin you bitch niggas to the

44 me and shoezilla is the clerks at the drugstore -CHOURS x2 - lets go to the

drug store and pull out a shotgun "shotgun" take all of the money then break

out and run "lets run" - break out steak out mathafucka make out you gon change

your mind about me when i pull the gauge out flama banga niggas yall in danger

another local hero nigga murdered by a stranger beatin bleedin real niggas G'in

what the fuck we bustin yall niggas aint seein face it taste it you can be

eraseted found up in the ditch or in the corner in the basment holded loaded

explosively exploded speakin up on the dayton family bitch you gettin folded

grimmey slimmey my killahs right behind me bitches with the mill killa kill

when you find me rosin choosin put niggas in they flosin hitem with a pop and

leave his deadly ass frozen ballin fallin and aint nobody callin quit speekin

up on name cause you record deal was fallin thank you gank you nigga ima shank

wookin your ass like i was wook rockman when i stank shisty fiesty foever livin

icey so quick to get away from a mothafuckin vicey drugin thuggin cops'll catch

the slugs in aint gon lock me and bitch you better sell you husband we got the

dope so what the fuck you searchin for he on the floor bleedin as his blood

pour drugstore -CHOURS x2- where you cope from dayton family

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