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Feds - текст песни


By: Gabe

Whoa, whoa, whoa,

All the drug dealars, ?niggas? unable to be faded. Feds they want Bootleg

permantly incarserated. but i never lets them see me sweatin' my Teck striking

a pose. hanging out the cuddy', nutty, nigga, busting at hoes. I robed a

little, rigged a little, stole a little i admit it, But I bet one wittnes wont

come forth and ever say I did it. Cause those who snitches, sleep in ditches.

ya'll know the story. I refuse to have to FBI and police searching for me. was

renegade when i was younger but i never been afraid, to jump out windows and

bust at hoots whenever them bitches raid. im tooting cane, catching trains ???

inhale it and i keep a K inside my head. for things thats on servalance. have

you ever heard of a murder commited with a house appliance. i was to smart to

ever get cought, know my ferenzic science. my daddy never loved me before he

left me and momma. Clio the Psychic told me "fuck him hes running " i went to

see a srink. i think im dealing with some pain. gave me some pills, said "keep

it real". (medicate your brain) i live my life just like a fragil stuck inside

a rock. everytime a cop would see me. fuck cops and hit your knot. Mutha' .fuck

the FBI I rater die before the feds catch me. 36 hundred murders before them

bitches could strech me. hollow green, to Fucking with my teeners where we

ballin' candy loving these fist fulls. and shot that we calling. motha Fuck the


Whoa,whoa whoa, these aint the feds you know, thell take your life and go,

thell set you up for sure whoa whoa whoa whoa

Niggas are sucking my dick for taste. licking my nuts all over the place. all

in my face when stealing my bass. talking about my homies case. Dayton is on

the rise again. was taking them up and bring them down. Fucking them up and

shuting them up. Fuck you hoes we run this town. shoe is about that cheese and

cash. boot is about to kill your ass niggas was running their mouthto fast. to

damn quck and they got blast. all you hoes can suck my dick. fucking your

street and cukcing your click. yall can't Fuck with Dayton. I know your feeling

like me nigga, hear my shit and bite me nigga. you dont want to fight me nigga

sucking my dick so write me nigga. dont you want to kill yourself Fucking

around with T.D.F. the media till your shit was deaf. and left your tape up on

the shelf. Fuck the feds Kill they boys. them lil boys aint made no noise.

slaping in they backyards. we Eli's they Big McOys. Once again you know whats

on I got something that will get you gone. shots blew out his dome, reported

missing cause he wasent home. robbing,shooting, elevate, boot-Zilla and jake

the Flake. dirty bird is back again here go the den Insert his 10 leave the

streets no alib. back was blown helli tide

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