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Dirrty - текст песни


(feat. Petey Pablo)

[Petey Pablo]

Everybody everybody everybody everybody

We call it the dirrty dirrty dirrty dirrty dirrty

Dirrty dirrty dirrty (Double R) Double R

Everybody everybody everybody everybody everybody everybody

And we call it the dirrty dirrty dirrty dirrty dirrty

Dirrty dirrty dirrty, Double R


Nigga let's get dirrty dirrty dirrty dirrty dirrty

I'ma let my pump go early, from Thrusday to Thursday

Eight o'clock in the morning

That's why we go out on a cop on my corner, yessuh

Gimme that Lex', I'm gonna exit

So I can pull up outta here, we gone

Slow the shit down now so I can catch it

I'm gon' catch it, catch it, catch it

Play it to the band cause Petey Pablo threw me a bone

so I could fetch it, fetch it

Me and Petey Pablo make you follow

Put the gun in his mouth, make him swallow

Do a nigga like, Diallo

I know I'm warm but now it's time to get WA-ARM!

Now it's time to turn up, hurry up, y'all niggaz best to be GO-ONE!

Left his head to be LO-ONG! - from the first day I was born

Pop guns like popcorn, s-s-stutter like

Y'all motherfuckers ain't stabbin shit like a butter knife

That shit just don't cut right

On my block all we hear is WOOP WOOP, niggaz it's time to run

Grab your guns cause beef with me and Petey P. hide your sons

Double-R motherfucker

Let me slow this shit down before y'all make us spit rounds

Murder your block then skip town, nigga!

[Chorus x2: Petey Pablo]

This gon' be the anthem for the clubs (YEAH!) code of the thugs (YEAH!)

Repped it in the streets (YEAH!) loved in the slums (YEAH!)

Who am I? (A RUFF RYDER!)


[Petey Pablo]

So tired, these so-called drug thugs bust they gun niggaz

Mean mugged, supposed to be the toughest in the club niggaz

Watch out, motherfucker say somethin I'll, I'll fuck you up

Tie ya ass to the back of a pick-up truck and just leave, uh

You a waste of good slug

And I told the motherfucker I'd get him, so what?

It ain't like you hot

It ain't like we got work, meet me at yo' block

It ain't like we won't come through

and take any motherfuckin thing you do got

We done had you a strong shower, one-five-one, no raw

I'm whoopin them drawers off, takin charge, play the bar

You dealin with the right one; if you want it, you sho' can get some

I ain't come to play, Double-R told me to come up to New York and I came

Drag-On told me to write tonight and God dammit we doin our thang

Dirrty dirrty dirrty dirrty dirrty - whether you like it or not

me and Drag got this thang on lock and we about to change the game

I'ma bring the rain, I'ma bring the pain

I'ma bring the wood and the grain

Get back with ya motherfuckin five-dollar ass, huh, 'fore I make change


[Petey Pablo]

Drag, I can't lean lean - this motherfuckin track too hot

This shit keep callin me, still can't believe it

These motherfuckers waited so long (shit, me neither)

Should've been like I slid right

but I bet you motherfuckers were scared

cause this shit start shootouts and club fights

The shit might jump off tonight

I done seen the nigga and this bitch that I don't like (he gon' get it)

Ju-ju-just just-just-just as soon as I fit him (he gon' get it)

Simple-minded motherfucker shouldn't have been there

They role is to kill him, Drag what's wrong with them?


They must be crazy and deranged

Do I speak my ghetto slang, got a big chain

They say that was bad but I'ma show you what this heavy metal bring

That's how I settle things like

What y'all want, what y'all want? (You motherfuckers don't want none)

Roll that blunt, smoke that blunt (You niggaz stay in the pub)

We gettin high, gettin by, me and Petey Pab'

Connectin like, shit to a fly, clip to a gun, y'all clip better run

Pick anyone got plenty of it, y'all niggaz really don't want it

That's a hit boy, y'all fittin to love it

Feel this clip up in yo' stomach, uh

[Chorus x2]

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