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Promise Of Life - текст песни

Promise Of Life

[I. Asleep]


[II. Rain]

Sitting by myself
Remembered yesterdays
The hours flew by
While I watched the rain
Innocent child
Admiring how water fell
From the sky
Each drop a reason to grieve
My innocence died
As leaves in autumn fell
Impending coldness
With it's messenger the rain
The promise of life in time a threat
"To live is to fear" the elders said
Forgetting my days, my only escape
Falling eternally
A victim of memories
Once it all seemed clear
No room for sin
Only ignorance can justify
A perfect dream in a crystal bottle
Like a message lost at sea
I find strength deep within me
Away from the world that I remember
Dreams are lost in time
Corrupted purity
Losing purpose and will
Away from the world that I remember
It seemed so easy
So easy to live
When all was a mystery
Locked in the unknown
These feelings I can't explain
Love and hate feel the same
Answers I seek are astray
What may come?
When colors get so pale
Is there no soothing this pain?
When will it rain?

[III. Soliloquy]

A time for change
A time to rearrange
Priorities to find
Lies that bind
Regretting the past
A gateway to go mad
Enslaved by regression
To old aggressions
Loneliness hides
Your thoughts in your eyes
How can I foresee?
When my present burdens me
So I am alone, I wonder where I stand
In this master plan

[IV. Listen?]


[V. Deaf Ears That Turn Away]

Rain pours down on me
Washing away my sadness
Inside I'm lost
Lost in thoughts
A prison for myself
I cry
To deaf ears that turn away
I cry
At skies that can't answer my prayers
I remember all his words
"Don't loose your faith, don't loose your faith..."
Pale colors fade
The sent of the rain
Still alive in my head
My shallow heart wounded
The past a tray of memories
Hoping this storm
Will change my fate
A raging storm is all I see
Not at all what I thought it would be
Still I wonder what's expected from me
Life is a unique kind of feeling
Traveled through an unstable road
In time we are worn from all this
Faith alone can save us from the fall

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