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2 Hard Muthas (Featuring N.W.A.) - текст песни

2 Hard Mutha's (Featuring N.W.A.)


Yo Dre where's the goddamn drum machine?


Aw shit I left the muthafucka with Poog


You dumb muthafucka

what the fuck we gonna do now?


Hey, man I got some drums in the back


Man what the fuck is he talkin' bout

[M.C. Ren]

Yo does it look like we can play some fuckin' drums?


Man I can play the drums

[Everyone except Yella]



Man I used to fuck it up at Compton


[M.C. Ren]

Give this nigga some sticks....

Yo Fuck it up Yella

[M.C. Ren]

Yo were two hard muthafuckaz

takin' out any punk ass suckaz

can you believe this or so be frightened

were strong as fuck, with the power of a titan

settin' a mark of destruction get it

so don't front, and say you ain't with it

you wanna rumble with us you can't hang

cause were something like a two man gang

start some shit is what we do best

scared by the suckaz say fuck the rest

so yo Eazy bust it and shoot to kill

and tell these stupid muthafuckaz the deal


I look you dead in the eye and I spit

tell you to your face punk you ain't shit

I don't give a goddamn about feelin's

I'm just as a happy as long as I'm killin'

a 187 is in progress nigga

just as soon as I pull this trigger

automatic heavily I start firin'

and the kids on the block

I'm the one there admirin'

a bad mouth nigga on the violent tip

I catch you talkin' some shit

and I'mma bust your lip

now who you gonna tell that I'm makin' ya soft

the police ain't shit cause I pay 'em off

I move slow always ready to go so fuck it

and bitches on my dick they know they can suck it

I'm a hard head, always havin' a fit

when I'm not allowed to tear up shit

[Eazy-E & M.C. Ren]

I'm a hard muthafucka


2 Hard Muthafuckaz! (x4)

[M.C. Ren]

Now look at me I'm a crazed bitch

with a case to a profanity pitch

Ren is a nigga that don't give a fuck

to pussy ass fool tryin' to press his luck

I'm ready to scrap that's if your ready to go

I take you out goin' toe to toe

E saw the conversion and hit you from the back

while you gettin' fucked by a ruthless jack

critical condition is what you recieved

thinkin' up some back up to go on retrieve

but Eazy tell what would happen my man

Eazy-E: "they would get fucked up by a ruthless clan"

so it's simple we don't give a fuck right

so you and ya boys can get the fuck out my site

I'm on tilt with class gettin' ready to blast

cause I'm a hard muthafucka


2 Hard Muthafuckaz! (x4)


Eazy and Ren is fuckin' it up again

schemin' up a plot before we begin

cause niggaz like to stare like a bitch sometimes

they say how can them niggaz have some a hell of a rhyme

[M.C. Ren]

It's simple tell 'em what we mean

when the two baddest muthafuckaz step on the scene


Now this is some shit

[M.C. Ren]

Yo what are you sayin'


you stupid muthafuckaz they think I'm playin'

talkin' all kinda shit of shit but I'm crackin' it up

I can afford to laugh cause I'm backin' it up

I'm not a busta I'm more like a hitman

so if you don't wanna throw then you can get down

you don't like the fuck away from me

so you can stop the shit, tryin' to fuck the E

[M.C. Ren]

You heard what he said

it's the truth so whats up

so if you want me to go then I'mma bout to nut up

the 2 baddest muthafuckaz alive

so I don't think you and your boys can survive

you gotta girl, well if she's good to go

I bet me and E already fucked the hoe

a train was in effect and your bitch was rott

by a hell of a nigga that was hard to stop


Yo Ren lets jet lets get the fuck on out

[M.C. Ren]

because everybody knows what where talkin' about

[Eazy-E & M.C. Ren]

Where two hard muthafuckaz!


2 Hard Muthafuckaz! (x4)

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