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Now You Are Nobody - аккорды песни

Now You Are Nobody

Embrace - Now You're Nobody

Tabbed by Bas Vos

This is off their album 'The Good Will Out'. Been looking for
the tab on the Internet, but couldn't find anything so decided
to tab it myself.
The trickiest bit is the tuning: you have to tune each string
down 1 1/2 step (that's 3 frets)!

This is the intro bit, but the same stuff is played throughout a large part of
the song (Texts of songs ). The guitarist also uses some other chords during the verses.

F# B/F# C#/F# F#
(A) (D/A) (E/A) (A)
E ||---------2-----------------|---------2---------4---4-2-|
B ||----2------2---4----4/6----|----2------2---------------4


B B/A# G#m7
(D) (D/C#) (Bm7)
C# C#sus4 C#sus
(E) (Esus4) 2

This continues until he sings 'I've got used to you...'

then, when he sings 'home', the following chords are played:

B B/A# G#m7 B/F# C# C#sus4 C# G#7sus4
home, but don't you let your mind play tricks on you

G#m G#sus2 G#m E Emaj7 E6 G#m F#
You don't have to do a- ny -thing that's new, but seeing you

E Asus2 G#m A E
try to, wins me back With no big heart attacks

A G#m A E
it's all been one big act 'Cos now you're nobody I'll have you

C# C#sus4 C#
I'll have your all

The chords:

B B/A# G#m7 B/F# C# C#sus4 G#7sus4 G#m G#sus2 E
x54232 x44232 x24232 x04232 022100 022200 xx4200 x24432 x24422 320033

Asus2 A
x3x033 x32010

Listen to the song (Texts of songs ) to get a feel for when you have to play the chords,
it's not that easy.

Have fun and if you have any comments, e-mail me at:
[email protected]



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