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Alastor Rex Perpetuus Doloris - текст песни

Alastor Rex Perpetuus Doloris


Christian, u r living your last millenium of light, your final chapter of

joy in god embrance.

Dooggs ! ! u r existing for the last day of paradise, but you can already

your graves to entomb the world you are live fucking.

The armageddonic hordes are ready for a new circle of destruction.

Soon of all you will be drown in hell, by our frantic slaughters.

As alastor is waiting to reap your weak carcass all over by millions ! Its

time to bear chaos and pain to riddle christians bu our pestilences no

chance to survive !

We are allucinated by our hatred and aggression, the most horrible and

hideous creatures we are in their eyes in the bigger blood bath we will

fight for our desires to see the seas turn into impure durt.

Open the gate of netzatch see the perverted once riding the dragon to

malkuth turning the sun to steel by an eruption never seen !

Open the gates of geburan and see the triump by our weapons.

Open the skies to ain soph and kick the christian plagues towards their

final judgement !

substained by ninnagesh legions, we have to keep a running fight to bring

satanic laws.

satan's commandments are our path to eternity, our blood, our breath for the

extremination of the messiah.

In the ninth year will come come disaster and agony concerning the kingdom

of light the world will receive a supereme domination of terror, a monarchy

of crimson desolation.

The apocalypse ! ! !


The lord of silence and melancholy is already here for all of you.

netzach, I m your new ruler, namiel die !

netzach, I m the dark, phaniel die !

netzach, I m the usurper, auriel die !

atziluth, brain, yesod, benah, kether you are ours, eternally ! !

Die Texte der Lieder. Тексты песен - На сайте свыше 500 текстов песен.

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