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Better Scene Than Heard - текст песни

Better Scene Than Heard

We drugged our lives of innocence
With a straight face
We chased ourselves and traced our shadows
Until we couldn't recognize our own silhouette
We hang our sins from these rafters
where a crowd once cheered us on
just to survive, well we survived without you
Falling for your own mistakes
Thinking that you know us better than we know ourselves
Using our lives to pass the time
Then tell us what we're here for
You started this we'll finish it,
So so, so did you hear all about how
"I can't believe he said that"
"the word on the street's that"
That I've been sleeping with lies
Letting rumors spread faster than thighs on a girl with a reputation
Yeah it's that bad
We are up against a great team
One drags his leg, one carries a disease
Yeah know what I mean?
So how does it feel to know that your best friend
Has seen beneath your girlfriend's sheets?
And I'm laying here a traitor in bed with the enemy
So tell me honestly now what was it that you expect from me?
She lies, she cheats she's what you stole from me,
So shut your mouth and keep it that way
Your own lack of anyways
if only you could have seen what she wore crawling voice never mattered back to me
You'd choke on your tongue you let slip past your teeth
So good luck with my tragedy her first my mess my virginity
And thank you for cleaning up after me
But you lost her the night you thought you had her
You'll never be more than a shadow
A sad sorry excuse for a rebound
Just know we know and words always find their was back home
Don't knock what you don't know and will never understand

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