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44 Magnum Opus - текст песни

44 Magnum Opus

Can't withhold my anger

Won't control my rage

My bloodlust will be sated

I'm locked and loaded and ready to engage

Killing everything I've ever hated

A motherfucking Van Gogh with a gun

About to paint his masterpiece

Blow the world into oblivion

Paint with the blood of the diseased

Fire away

Put your body on display

Build myself a tower of decay

A symphony

Written in human debris

Art and murder true synonymy

No appeal, no "I got a raw deal", I don't give a fuck

One thing is clear, I've got a deaf ear

You better shut your mouth and duck

When I get a taste of laying everyone to waste

My hunger won't subside

I won't ever stop till the last body drops

Let the bullet be my guide

The virtue of vice

In my bloody paradise

A portrait of gore

My .44


My .44 magnum opus

Bodies are the canvas, ammo is the vision

For my greatest work of art

I'm waging my own inquisition

Tearing everything apart

I'm building a monument to horror

A temple so divine

Remembrance to those I've massacred

Death is the grand design

People will stare in disbelief and awe

When they see what I've created

Still life, no life beautiful and raw

The world will be captivated

Never have they seen something so ambitious

Like nothing done before

A work so terrible and vicious

A masterpiece of gore.

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