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Force Of Habit - текст песни

Force Of Habit

Can't overcome it, it's what I do best

I'll pick your pocket for your last red cent

It's a disease, I'm stricken like the rest

Never return anything I'm lent

It wasn't me, yeah you know it wasn't me

It must've been someone who looked like me

Innocent until proven guilty

And you ain't got a thing on me

Your possessions, your worldly possessions

Mean more to me than your protective obsessions

You wanna hide 'em, lock 'em up inside and

Throw away the key so I can't find em

It's a shame, it's a god-damned shame

I'm the culprit but you're the one to blame

I'll take another lesson from my mother

It's better to take than get took

Steal a dollar, steal a dime

Force of habit will hit you every time

In your pockets, invade your space

Force of habit anytime or anyplace

Pay attention keep an eye on all your cash

Force of habit will deprive you of your stash

If I do it, yeah, if I get caught

Force of habit is the problem that I got

Mama told me look but don't touch,

but that only made me want it more

Doesn't matter if you're a friend or foe,

'cause your house is my candy store

I admit I know I got a problem,

but temptation is controlling me

I can't resist a five-fingered discount,

everything for me is free

Die Texte der Lieder. Тексты песен - На сайте свыше 500 текстов песен.

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