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Bendicion Mami - текст песни

Bendicion Mami

Empty Arms and Lonely nights

That's my life without you girl

I'm so lonely I'm so blue

Without you girl my life is through


This song (Texts of songs ) is dedicated

Maria - Don't you hear me calling

Maria To the most beautiful woman on the planet earth


That would be my mother Maria Cartegena

[Verse 1:]

Ay yo, she's the best sister

One man love her

And if she died her tombstone would read

The world's greatest mother

August nineteenth she birthed me

I came out

Put her through hell but still in all she couldn't help but smile

I resemble my mama to be truthful

And I ain't got to describe her

You know she beautiful

Shit, I always love my mama

Blow holes through a Nigga if he touch my mama

You did whatever it took to keep the supper hot

And I remember when you worked at the number spot

Once the cops caught you I skipped school

Yeah I guess the cops was cool

They let me feed you

I cryed for hours till they finally freed you

Drop to my knees and screamed Mama we need you

Then you went back to school and got a job that's legal



Yeah Mami, I love you so much

For this pain, this love, you've been through so much,

And I thank you for everything you done for us

You've been a survivor and we love you so much

I had to dedicate this song (Texts of songs ) to you Mami

I had to tell the world how much I love you

[Verse 2:]

Ay yo, yo yo

I never forget the night that changed out life

A neighbor was screaming Maria come out side

Something's wrong with your son I think he's getting high

Then you replied not my son he don't be getting high

Then you bathed him and tucked him to sleep

Yeah I knew from that day life wouldn't be sweet

He got in trouble with the law

Then you bailed him out

I got in trouble with the law then you bailed me out

It was one July the fourth

They tried to take me out

Shot me right in front of my mother

By Tracy's house

Now its time to change my life I think Rap's the answer

Same day I got signed you was diagnosed with Cancer

Doctor said it'd be a miracle if you survived

Then you looked in my eyes and said

Joey I don't want to die

I pray to god that he show us a sign

Now its fourteen years later and you still alive

Thank you God


[Verse 3:]

God I thank you so much

My Mother has so much to see

So much to do

She's had such a painful life

Many nights I argue with you in my prayers but I know you're the boss

You kept her alive for a reason

Mama I'm a ride for you

I swear

Yo, I bet you proud of your son

He's a rap star now

Took you out of them projects and bought you that house

Got you that housekeeper to manicure the grounds

And I bought you that car that breaks the barrier of sound

You take care of Joey and I love you for that

And you raising John John and we love you for that

I guess Lisa was an Angel

God wanted her back

Damn I really miss my sister

Guess she's better where she's at

Mammy I love you

I want the world to know I love you

And every chance I get I'm a kiss you and hug you

Life wasn't easy everyday is a struggle

But like my niggaz from Chi town say

It's all bubbles


Hoping my real mo'fuckers know

This be the realest shit I ever wrote

It's that shit right here

Took me like ten years to do

You know I cried doing this song (Texts of songs )

Man, so much pain

Mami you such a good woman

You a classy woman

I know you a private person

You don't want the world to know all your business

But I had to let them know how strong you are

I love you so much

This song (Texts of songs ) is also dedicated to little Maria

One of my best friends on earth

Get your shit together girl I love you too

Juju what's up, you my nephew I love you for life

It's Crack bitch

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