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Take Your Time - текст песни

Take Your Time

[Singer]- Take your time young thug.

Verse one

PYT, poor young thug, ?

To hit a nigga wit a slug, wormin' around town

lookin' for this bitch to fuck, and if she can't hang

she can get the nut, tis a dog bed to the fours

and on floors, for enought talkin' cause wit big dresses

no bra's, let me run it through ya stomach, baby

thug life, down dirty and dumb from a cum and blunted

up and down like a roller-coaster, let me hit

it from the back, to you can relax from the over-doser

I take my time baby, when you get ya clothes off

doin' every thing in my power, to get the hoes off

from back, I feel ya pains and aches, but Huessin can't wait

who can play me? outdate, dime after dime

love ain't for thugs, brown-nosin' niggas, nose dirty as the mud

I get the real honeyz, I showed you how to chill honey

the best dressed, respect me with the most real money


[Singer]- Take your time young thug

[Fatal]- Murder one cases, faces, chance

[Singer]- Cuz, you fall in love

[Fatal]- Thug get the money, strip streets and drugs

[Singer]- Huessin takes away my aches and pains

[Fatal]- Criminal, ginaral is a dog Huessin

[Singer]- I'm here to tell you cuz, I have no shame

[Fatal]- And the way he toss it up, will never get me out the game

[Singer]- Wanna get a girl, who's down for mine

[Fatal]- Only ride for you, if you ride for me

[Singer]- The way he sticks it in, and takes his time

[Fatal]- Nasty new, PYT, dem come for free

Verse two

You know I love it, when you got the thong in

when I stick it in, and take my time, sweetheart you all in

baby girl, you make fade the world, tryin' get ya

all the niggas wit, to confident I won't hit cha

the wildest thug nigga, you can profile

In combat, react, criminalies, on a ?

I'll give you ya space, keep these punks out ya face

put them hoes in place, tryin' play me like a ace

ain't no tellin', who jellin', on or behind my back

I just love it when you cum, cuz I get high and relax


Verse three

You want the cheddar, and when I go down sell my Bertta

rock all my sweaters, and write nasty love letters

thinkin' bout where I got my tat-tat, on the medal bars

servin' them getto stars, wit a black mat

I'm only mobbin' cuz I be, do a quick stick, hit a lick

wit a trigger like a robbery, and stake honeyz make money

the same way, them outlaw niggas from ya fake, hood take money<echoes>

Chorus<end of chorus echoes>

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