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Sleep Of The Just - текст песни

Sleep Of The Just

Lift up your headlift up your head

Your room in this decade of eathquake and bile

Awaits you like a stewardess’s mortuary smile

You’ll miss all the funyou’ll miss all the fun

A rich man turned pauperhis death marked [a sham]

I can’t get back to see it’til you lift up your head

Me and mine are foolsme and mine are fools

Say our elders who despise usthough we’re no longer young

They’re tired of our sneeringand we’ve blocked out their main street’s sun

They’re sleeping as we riseone punch is drunk with pride

Resides in [brutal face]sick from petrol smoke and [steak]

The few bohemianswith their too-white shopping wrists

Confide in some crimson [page]

And pray to look cute in their squalor-dyed hair

Old age

Rolled out of hereis sun bright and clear

And we hold the fortunein our cumulous

There’s nothing else on earth that I will be part of

Why waste a lifetime on soil which won’t bear fruit?

And why argue with gangsters who only smile and act mute?

If he pulls that triggeras he says he must

Then to themgoes the last word [and then]

The sleep of the justthe sleep of the justthe sleep of the just

But that’s never enough

But that’s nevernever enough

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