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Тексты песен на английском, аккорды, табулатуры, гитара, Texts of songs, the song text, chords, notes » F » Fiend
Do You Know_ - текст песни

Do You Know_

Chorus: (fiend) [all] 9x

(do you know who you fuckin with? )

[don’t start no shitthere won’t be no shit]

[mystikal] (fiend)

I’m the tarantula on the caterpillar

I’m the 18-wheeler rolling over the armadillo

I’m the orange-and-blue fire comin from under the skillet

(do you know who you fuckin with? )

I’m the dick in the pussyI’m the fly on the shit

I’m the motherfuckinconcrete-crushing torpedo

I’m that loudhard [thumping sound] that killed the mosquito

I’m the motherfuckin red ant draggin the bettle

Nigga remember me when you was shootin up? I was that needle

When you coughinI’m that (cough) that comes from your chest

When you deadI’m the maggots that’s eatin your flesh

I’m every last sad note from the violin

I’m the hammer that hit that firing pin

I was the voice in your head that was tellin you not to try it again

Now I’m the carbon dioxide that replace your oxygen

I’m the mysteriousmystikal monument

I’m the manI’m the southI’m the muthafuckin prince

Chorus: repeat 8x


Me? a bad motherfuckerboy

Hater destructionpistol bustin (bhawbhaw)

I’m the chubby one cussinverbally keep em (? )

Herbaly keep em puffinall the weed that I need

Smokin some treesI groove from some left over seeds

Leave it to the soldier’s creed

On the set where they pretends (take that)

Throwin some hot shit nigga (take that boy) faded all my ends

Give a fuck if it were ten

I want nine and the change (give my change boy)

Doing strange things behind mine and my changeboy (comincomin)

I’m a bad manlet it be known to any cop (fuck y’all)

Use a tenmany glocks and got plenty in stock (got more nigga)

If anything the tank hotthat paper keep us heated

Computer can’t delete it

And penicillin can’t defeat it

Chorus x 8

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