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Gravitation Of Night - текст песни

Gravitation Of Night

Tormented by the sun

Afraid of the dawn

Living in a land, that is forgotten and gone

The rising of the sun

That of a broken dawn

For the ages have been crossed,

and the boundaries are lost

Hear their scream of innocense,

The desire to stay in the night

When they dance into, the sun eclipsed night

Faeries found in the life, vocation of the undead

Voices of black of the angels of death,

Finding themselves at the edge

With wolves, they now howl

And dance into their sun eclipsed night

Faeries, found in the life

Far away where we shall find, troubled day's light

Leisured in the dark fogged woods

A path into the mist

To see the might obliged to stay in the night

To hear the howling and to feel the mourning

It turns dreams into living nightmares

The sacrifice of black witches under the light

To give praise to those of the unlight

The spirits and ghosts of the past

Their task, to unspoil the sunlight

And letting life dwell, making this as a ruined hell

The night is possessed by the charm to seduse

And awaits the income of death

Where evil so for longs...

The innocense of a victim, in complete blackness

Dismembered life in a form,

After the slaughter of her pride

Hopes to bring back the dreams

Once so beautiful and bright

As the night passed,

My Princess, belonged to the damned

My Princess belongs to the damned

Behold as blackness grasps

And comes to and end, and takes her, into time's end

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