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Embraced By Evil - текст песни

Embraced By Evil

[Music: Mike / Lyrics: Bastian, Stefan]

Await your final prayer, at midnight on the stake

Eternal fire burns your flesh, your soul is what I take

That's my proof that I don't care about your weak opinion

You had your choice of life or death, now enter my dominion

Apparently evil, destructive and mean

I rise from the coffin, to spread hate supreme

When darkness sets in and night comes to town

My sweet reign of terror, in your blood I drown

Embraced by evil - When night sets in

They wake my sleeping memories -Haunting nightmare

Pain extreme - The souls of night inside my dreams to see

Apparently evil, vicious and bad - I'm sipping your blood, until the last drop

No life left to save, no heaven to praise - No dreams left to chase, just brutal embraced

Embraced by evil - You're destined to see

The glance of my deceiving eyes - Extrication from the chains unseen

Devitalized - Embraced by evil minds

Cold eyes, delirious mind, the evil messiah in me

Afterlife, I cross your soul, deep down to set you free

Cry out, purged from your sins, beyond retrieval

Lay down, feel the relief, embraced by evil

Pale skin and severed nerves, forever no pain I will feel

Undead life, no heart to beat, enemies forced to kneel

Lay down and feel my touch, there's no retrieval

Give up, I grip your soul, embraced by evil

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