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For A Dreamer, NightS The Only Time Of Day - текст песни

For A Dreamer, Night'S The Only Time Of Day

The busy streets

And the even busier

Patrons and vehicles

Argue my elusive steps

Through the blur of urgency.

Here, I'm always on my toes.

Until a abrupt blond door

Stowing a porcelain blond girl

Knock me right onto my back.

And for a moment we're alone.

And we both know that we're trapped.

If morning never brings

Salvation for either one of us,

Leave me and save yourself,

I'll only slow you down.

Breathe in slowly,

Are you listening?

On this muted block

Everything is paused.

Your glow, blinding, breaches my pupils.

I taste your skin.

I see our kids.

I manage to siphon

Some breath out from my gut.

Tell you to take my hand and run.

I'll be waiting for you to come home.

Extra! Extra!

Read all about it!

A corporate's head been murdered!

His secretary found him.

Scandal! Slander!

Catch all the gossip!

From what I hear

The cheif executive deserved it.

Let's leave tonight at dusk

When the lights shine bright.

Miles of cracked, crooked paths

Lit by buzzing filament

And neon glass.

If morning never brings salvation,

Leave me and save yourself.

I'll always love you.

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