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Summoned By Astral Fires - текст песни

Summoned By Astral Fires

I've walked alone for Centuries

Beneath the Moon

Alone so cold out in the Dark

I've searched so long for you

Whose Blood's the same as I've inside

You are my Breed

Listen to this ancient Tale

Of Fathers long ago

As Clouds of endless Suffer

Buried the Moon beneath

On glorious Fields of frozen Lands

He's lying still

In the pale Face

Of a dying King a Legend's told

Of Tears which ran so bloodred

Out of empty Eyes

In the Time of Unlight

Before Life and Time had begun

When the Moon arose

And gave birth to me in darkest Night

Upon the Shades a Whisper

Cries out an ancient Tale

Of cruel Beings

In the Woods of Loneliness

It foretells a hundred Murders

That lead through ancient Times

Of mysterious Deaths of thousands

Of Humans in darkest Nights

The Ground has sipped all their Blood

And grasps for dying Mortals

Who are reaching for the Stars

And cry loudly as they die ..

Lycanthrope has begun

Dust and Fog has lead them

Through eternal Night

Golden Stars will shine up high

Through Midnight's Face

Out of the Forest so clear

Hear the dreadful Screams

Like immortal Hunger

Of ancient Beasts

Fear spreads its Wings

And falls onto the Humans

When the Moon, their Father,

Shows them the Way

Dark Impulses inside their Veins

Lead them onward to kill again and again

Into the Forest

Where the Wolf awakes at Night

And the greatest Beast of all

Starts its Hunt for human Flesh

I'm the great Father

The Wolf, the ancient Blood

Whose Bite is the gift

Of a painful endless Life

As the Moon shone high upon

Showing me the Way

Towards the mortal Bodies

Of those I love by Day

The Greed for Flesh of Humans

Makes me hunt this Night

Silently I may crawl nearer to my Victims

So I arise my Claws and tear their Flesh away

And mutilated Faces begin to stare at me

Their Eyes are as cold as mine

Staring at the Sky

Where the Moon, my Father,

Is waiting for their Souls

Blood is flowing out of the Veins

Of impaled Bodies lying in Shades

And every Night when I awake

Oh, weak Humans, prepare to die - DIE

Die Texte der Lieder. Тексты песен - На сайте свыше 500 текстов песен.

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