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Destroy - текст песни


i don't believe in you anymore or the things you sell

don't accept as fact everything

your loudspeakers tell

canine snarls lurk behind your every fluoride smile

your well-placed bright fashions

become a necropolis after awhile

the God I love and His Truth

branded archaic biased against and ignored

in the new state of mind religion

of do it yourself instant lords

i have bowed to your little global sphere

my own mind you have touched

trying to make your required sacrifices

as my sanity was crushed

i look up and see your pharisees

sitting there judging

your eyes accusing with your words grudging

skepticism your God

you reduce me to my appearance

in your statistical world my voice has no clearance

we're the new heretics

you burn our books at the stake

i pray to God to take you out

of my mind all that i hate

your warped moralities

changeable to kill posing as a toy

good and innocence in your sights

you're ready to destroy

so many lies from my lips

as i kowtowed to yor party line

trying to embrace the colors

that could never be mine

you disguise things so well

token causes as mock fresh breath

seems so right but the ends thereof

are the ways of death

to blow your tumors out of my brain

is to be truly alive

you blinded me and removed the freedom

Jesus won me when He died

you wanted to keep me laughing

in your shackles til the day of my death

leaving my God to work without me

me missing out on what He'd bless

your scientific advancements

mere discoveries of God's creation

yet He shrinks in your psyche

while He really becomes greater

the collective brain losing oxygen

arteries cut off from their Source

poison fruit of malignant seed

planted and set on hellbound course

try to ignore eternal yearnings

and the innate need to trust

there are no ghosts where there are no men

you'll be conquered by dust

packaging immediate contenment

and selling it as ultimate joy

happiness as virtue in your sights

you're ready to destroy

the blind following of these empty alleyways

is the only blame to place

for there's nothing truly human

about your human reich

even now you make these words

fall on indifferent ears

but I fight you every day

long as God keeps me here

may God use me to my fullest

protect me against your lies

give me love to show to your suicide row

that they may survive

i destroy you world in my mind

cut your babylon spider web

the smoke from your ashes

won't have my tears in it

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