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Тексты песен на английском, аккорды, табулатуры, гитара, Texts of songs, the song text, chords, notes » F » Frank's Enemy
Enraged - текст песни


There's going to be no more boredom I'm going to cut my hair

After the men, women and children falling through the air

The monsters have landed on Maple Street

The lynch mobs marching off to their defeat

If I was young I would sign up for a gun

And as it is I might just go out and buy one

Now I can understand I could just kill a man

After sending in bombs to flatten his land

We never knew a life of faith never toughed it out

Now we're going to find out what's it's all about

Looking everywhere in the water in the air

The next shot is coming but from where?

You hold a gun at my kid's head and what am I to do?

Could I wear a peace sign and to myself be true?

Oh, let the Mount of Olives tear and Wormwood poison from the air Don't mind me don't give me a care

I'm just enraged

"Allah" is crying as He looks down upon it all

The bridges between us will be the first to fall

Should the government have not stuck our nose everywhere?

Yes I think so but it's too late to go elsewhere

Now we're committed blood flowing on our soil

Now we've been dragged back in like Michael Corleone

And I ask the peace movement where did you go?

When Clinton sent bombers into Kosovo

For all the terrorizing I'm not too terrified

I mourn for the loss of innocent lives

I should have mourned before, our bombers filled their skies

When it was none of our business when they were out of our lives

But the lives of the guilty are there to be taken

Striking precisely with an aim unshaken

Let the computers point let the satellites fly

Let technology shield the homeland sky

I'm so enraged

Terror is but a weapon wielded by ideologues

Who have said it's either them or us

Don't want to fight a religion but some want to fight us

The future of freedom is starting to look tough

An enemy could be rid by becoming a friend

The lives that have suffered could be won in the end

For the thirst for freedom will never be slaked

The blood and darkness might give rise to a new day

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