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Reasons To Say No - текст песни

Reasons To Say No

Something new on the TV

Something new to get to me

Three more sitting on the fence

With inadequate defense

Three more fell in mammon's spell

Making money out of hell

Now glory goes to ABC

For reporting the truth to you and me

Now glory goes to doomed souls

As they just say "I told you so"

A few less tears for a burned down church

Less sympathy for a suppressed Word

Three more like those before defrocked

The saints become a laughingstock

Three more reasons to say no

To Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord

Reasons to say no

Just look at all this on the TV

Suits by Cardin and Armani

Look real good with diamond rings

And velvet carpeted settings

For the rich I have no dis

If they know what to do with it

Actionless emotions are a lie

Quick way to regret when you die

TV cameras can never catch

What's behind a door safely latched

If at some point they ever do

Edit it to do what you want it to

An easily manipulated medium

To see it is to believe it

Medium and message in control

Pay your money buy your soul

If the cameras could only catch

The silent struggles of believers attacked

They're the ones we could look up to

They're the ones who do what we should do

Look up to Jesus first no one else

Placing others before themselves

Feeding those out without a home

Keep believing when tomorrow's unknown

Unafraid to share the Word

In the everyday neighborhood world

Sometimes at night they'll cry from sin

Pray from the hole they've fallen in

Soon enough you'll see their cheer

As the Lord did not turn a deaf ear

There's some reason to say yes

To salvation through Jesus

Reasons to say yes

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