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Pay ya Dues - текст песни

Pay ya Dues

[Featuring Busta Rhymes Cocoa Brovaz Keith Murray]
(Keith Murray)
Yo yo yo yo yo yo come here come here nigga let me talk to you for a
Yo yo word up it's muthafucking L.O.D. Def Squad
Cutlass in the house Redman in the house
You know what time it is boy watch your back
When I see y'all pull your dreads out your scalp check it
From the Secaucus Mountain to the African Sea
Not near muthafucka want to fuck wit me
Keith Murray, the ultimate Def Squad ?lean?
Doin niggas in, twisting off Barcardi mixed wit Heineken
I make niggas not want to leave the block
Get caught out of bounds and get you wig ?clocked?
I put a hole in the chest of any nigga trying to be the best
Who the fuck you think you trying to impress
I express stress for any nigga out there lying to the press
I'll put your soul to rest
Wherever you be at, pack your gat
Cuz police wanna know where the bitches and the money at
But fuck it, bust it, we'll discuss it
On a later date when you see me wit Frankie in the Cutlass
(Chorus)-(Busta Rhymes)
Sorry homeboy but your flow sound used
Got to pay ya dues, baby, you know the rules (4x)
(Coco Brovaz)
Me said, dem not ready, dem not really ready
Fa test this, dem not really ready, fa test this, spliff
Dem not really ready fa test this, a black spliff
That I roll wide and pass it over to the side
P.S.C, Coco be smoking up the ride
We got a job to do (for who) never no mind you
The time is now, it's going down, I'm glad I found you
Yo ?when we merking you? that got you talking so fast
And let me know, am I gonna have to ?boot to D? your ass
Oh for some reason, some feel it's the season
To be good scheming, on that teaming thang
(Some niggas got the green, thinking they can hang)
So let's take it to the square where Boot Camp is bang
Like Iron Mike, fresh out, on this hunt for gold
Tell Frankie, throw the Cutlass on cruise control
We ?have to be out?, breeze out to the weed house
From Midtown, hit the FDR heading South
(No doubt) plus big up to Stash, count the cash before we go in
?Cuz plain co' through the do'?
Trying to catch niggas wit they eyes closed
(Niggas wit they eyes closed)
Move swift and stay on your toes( stay on your tippy, tippy toes)
More brothers on the borderline (borderline)
Bless the sound and get ?dent? same time
Wicked sound, ?come foy?, Sound Bwoy Burial style

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