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Тексты песен на английском, аккорды, табулатуры, гитара, Texts of songs, the song text, chords, notes » F » Freddie Foxxx
Devious Minds - текст песни

Devious Minds

Uh huh

Bring it back baby

Feel me on this...

[Verse One]

I can chop a beat like Funkmaster Flex

Challenge any MC's style, so who's next (uh, yeah)

I bring it ruff when I be rockin'

Even in the south my flow be boone dockin' (that's right)

Bumpy Knuckles makes the girls go crazy

Roll em like cee-lo, dice with me and Lazy

I got a appetite for the mic

Like a 450 pound nigga for chicken delight

Rappers are suspect, I got styles to dissect

Rappers wanna be actors, I direct (feel me)

I hate a biter laying in the cut

Listen to the lyrical styles and eat em up (check this)

I did a style and Tony Touched 50 MCs

Niggas wanted to here me rock it way overseas

I said I'm so ill

Deaf niggas be dancin to my jams still

I spit shit dead niggas could feel

Stay in my zone to keep shit sellin

Rappers, fake gangsters, lying to the fans - I'm tellin

You wanna know if a nigga is real

Try to kick it with him, look him in his eyes

If he tell you that he got a peal

So you can read em like that

That niggas not a dawg he's a mutherfuckin cat

[Chorus: x2]

It's the Devious Minds that'll make em do these things

All you gotta do is rock and make the mics ring

Don't try to be somthin that your not my nigga

Or you might get your fakin ass shot my nigga

[Verse 2]

Check it out...

To the Beat ya'll i make it rock on and on

Like night time being around before morn' (check it out)

I rock on my own label just like The Artist

Without the high heel boots and no I’m not a loud guitarist

Bitches enjoy my flow like good sex, then I hit

And Freddie Foxxx ain't gotta buy em shit

Niggas be promisin' (?) and givin out toasts

You can't get a bitch if your broke

Blow you niggas out like smoke

Everybody wanna rhyme

Is it for the love or the dimes (shit)

I know a nigga gotta eat, but at least you could keep the streets

And stop loopin up niggas beats

I'm sarcastic, shit I might spit

But don't mind me I'm just another MC

The only difference is i scrap for mines

And don't ride another nigga's lap for mines

It's about beats and rhymes

You niggas better get it together

Before I bring it to you nigga, whatever


[Verse Three]

Can I get digible for a minute and rock the spot

I be to rap what clip be to glock

Cause imma fool like that, I flip like Dominique Dawes

I wouldn't mind gettin inside dem draws

Niggas are fake like radio drops in Hip-Hop

It's kinda like wrestling and jumpin off the top -

Rope, You Jesse Jackson ass niggas with hope

Got niggas in the audience sick offa bad dope

You niggas need Beatminerz

So you can stop serving up layin ass beats like the Greek diner

Check this, it gets exotic, chaotic

Idiotic, niggas bout it bout it

I got history, B

I done rocked with everybody from G Rap to M.O.P.

The Blast Master, did 'Hot Potato' with Treach

Even rocked with Pac... but you ain't herd that yet

Niggas be screamin that they real

Yeah, real bitch, real soft, like you smooth off

I like big butt bitches and hot cars

And never have ta give a bitch a diamond

Cause I'm nice with my rhymin'

Thug niggas in the house

Snatch up every coward that you see and throw his fuckin ass out


[During Final Chorus]

Real niggaz

This goes out to

My niggas Gang Starr

My niggas Beatminerz

For my niggas M.O.P.

Check it out

Whaddup Kurupt Mob

For underground Niggas


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