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Тексты песен на английском, аккорды, табулатуры, гитара, Texts of songs, the song text, chords, notes » F » Freddie Foxxx
Feel Like I Been Here - текст песни

Feel Like I Been Here

[Verse 1]

In the brightest of days, I can find the night

If I just close my eyes and I squeeze 'em tight

Second time in this life, see familiar territory

The hustle is my appetite the cash is my glory

I'm darker than midnight, I'm bright as in noon

Searchin for my melodies, follow the moon

Every city and town, that I run up in my travels

My game is like a earthquake, agitates the gravel

I put it down in Michigan, set it up sweet

Niggas used to call me second none Pete

I'm hard at the feet, I start the cream like scatter brave

Down in Cleveland, doin my thing they call me Don King

I came to New York, out of West VA.

They call me Shorty Locin, I'm deadly and I don't play

Like Willy Watson I fucked 'em and I knocked 'em

Straight askin bitches wasup, like Jesse Cook

Uh huh, in Alabama runnin Moonshine

I'm rap killer, you wouldn't find a iller hundred dollar biller

I'm number one in Augusta, like J.C.

Like little Herman from Pittsburgh you pay me

Like Zack Thomas and Frank Molten

I be the young nigga half the death, leave his ass floatin

Like Bumpy Johnson and beautiful rain

Without the street life I'd rather be dead, I swear I been here


Feel Like I Been There

I seen murder scenes, drugs I been here before

Send my blood to keep it raw, stay hardcore, c'mon, yeah

Feel Like I Been Here

I bust guns, push nines, and snuffed out lives

>From the south to the city only tryin to survive

Bigger than nine to five, I been here before

Bold and ready to die, I been here before

Cocked and ready to spit, I been here before

Names you shouldn't forget, they been here before, uh

[Verse 2]

I studied science, social studies, and math

At the school of hard knocks, if you follow the path

Aint nothin funny here son, so if you wanna laugh

Harlem World's red illin, I put three in your ass

Cuz it's more about this money even more than that

I'm tryin to spread it through my own hood, givin it back

Like Munky Jackson, I be back son

Cats are blast, screamin my mac, it's black son

Shit I keep it real nigga

I'm cold-blooded when I iceberg

Spittin game off my lips every word like none you never heard

Like little Willie from B-More

Uptown, Saturday night, little C-More

Ill like the Infamous I scare to death

Had them niggas up in Buffalo, holdin they breath

Malcolm X Boulevard pushin that P

Hoes callin me ferrels, and they smilin at me

That's what they wanna see, they call me ribbons up in Louisville

Gator wing tips, 44, two spare clips

In Chocolate City I was Catfish

Any nigga ever disrespect me, he get his head split

Like Reverend Mills and from Chi-Town

Can't nobody ever ever deny, how I laid it down

These mini games like souvenirs

Man I swear to everything that I am I know I been here

Uh huh, c'mon


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