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Sum Dum Munkey - текст песни

Sum Dum Munkey

Check the flow clear the way yo

Here come the bro I'm kickin it I know ya

Diggin it the way we swinging it son the

Bossman kickin' my shit wit bass o please

Ya wanna battle whomy shit is still ill

Ill murderize you so what ya gonna do

Get ya ass chopped in two fuckin wit the FU

Bran ya and I swing just like Evander

Real deal and ruff so when ya feeling tuff

Come on kids come on kids brint it!

6 foot 4 with the strength of Sampson

Running over niggars like I'm Rodney Hampton

Say adios when I start to roast

Making most of the mic in my hand

Freak it spooky like a ghost cause

Sum dum monkey bumped his head on


Ooh watch out here comes the lyrical blabber

Mouth I'll blow ya (hmph) blow ya (hmph) lalala

Lights (unknown) my rhymes to keep cool spit out

Yes and (drool) I'm out of my mind when I rhyme

I snaps with our no wa wa wa warning so (cough)

Wake up shape up and stop

Not Alfalfa or Spanky not a damn Yankee Doodle

I flip the (hole) script the (hole) kit and kaboodle

Got oodles of tactics gimme the mic dagnabit and

Come back here bunny rabbit, ah phooey, now its

Time to get bitz so ba ba ba batten down the hatches

Yep and raise the drawbridge i gots to freak

I gots to freak right (now)

Brothers wonder (how) I (cough) freaks the (cough) styles to

Raise eye (brows) I'm rolling in dollars when I

Scream and hallars ay arriba, epa andale andale

Like speedy gonzalez so acknowledge the hum

Dinger wacky rhyme slinger when I yells tim (ehehe)

Tim (ehehe) tim (BBB) ber. Ba hum

Bug its time to let the style out the hatch-out the

Hatch-out the hatch-out the hatch- ahh I know I

Had ya souped cuz ya thought the record scratched

I got skillz no question don't try to test

When I flex em bang em zoom to the moon I make

You meet George Jetson.

I'm comin around the mountain (na say it again) a'ight (cool)

I'm comin around the mountain trottin' around

B-b-b bend I clear my f-f-f (cough) pardon me f-f-f

(Cough) pardon me (cough) phlegm so deep it

I freak it by the movement of my lips and I gangbang

Or beats like the bloods and crips. Cause

Sum dum monkey bumped his head on


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