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Embrace - текст песни


[Music Palubicki/Helmkamp; Lyrics Helmkamp]

What is to be of this pestilience

That makes empires tumble like tears

The dust of millenia - fallen ages

Staunches the flow of dawning horizons

Obscuring -

While the days crumble as their hours unfold

A sensual swooning - prophetic mocking

As the soils swallow the seeds of the past

Each one of us to his own


Drowning in hallowed solitude

Swallowing the void

The pallid hope revealed at last


*Why should I fret in microcosmic bonds

That chafe the spirit and the mind repress

When through the clouds gleam beckoning beyonds

Whose shining vistas mock man's littleness?*

Throw off those shackles of sufferance

This penance of one thousand ordeals

I wield the scepter of destiny

Choose the means of my own death


Give me both nails and a hammer

Harness those ecstasies of death

Prostrate myself on cruciform

At last...

With swift feet I made my way

Helmed by a cacophony of despair

Deaf to the legacy of youthfullness

And beauty and joy since pined away

Yet now a rush falls upon my ears

Of dripping - whispering words

The hole of emptiness I pour through

Unveils the caress from far beyond

Now no longer can I ignore

What goes before has gone again

The silence of immorality

Satisfied with this one fell step

Plunge beneath the waters -

The freezing embrace of the goddess of death

[*Quote taken from H.P. Lovecraft's "Phaeton"]

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