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Flamethrower - текст песни


(Seth Justman) - 1981

All day long she holds it back

Back with all her might

She carries a burnin' torch inside

She holds it firm and tight

She punches out the clock

While it keeps punchin' out her life

She's a flamethrower, red-hot glower

Flamethrower at night

The things she wears at work

They hang off her kinda loose

Her blouse don't fit, the pants ain't right

She ain't no front page news

But when her work is done

And the daytime turns to night

The headlines flash in neon

That the girl has taken flight

Chairman of the board

Won't look her in the eye

The fire of her vision

His money just can't buy

Silently she waits

Silently she contemplates

She can make 'em tremble

You know the reason why


She's a flame - flamethrower

She's a flamethrower at night

She's a flame - a red-hot glower

She's a flamethrower at night

You might think you're burnin'

All your candles at both ends

Maybe you should go to church

To make up some amends

But if you think you're fireproof

So cool and much too much

Don't dare go near my baby

'Cause she'll melt you with her touch

I forget the darkness

I forget the pain

When she's movin' through my heart

And when she's pumpin' through my veins

She's the part inside me

I never can control

And she's the only reason

I know I've got a soul


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