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Stans Back - текст песни

Stan's Back

Hi, remember me my name's Stan,
I'm the one who threw myself over a bridge, the shady fan.
Well guess what I'm not dead and I'm coming after you shady,
Cus it`s your fault I killed my girlfriend and my baby.
All you had to do was to reply to my letter, and ask me how I`ve bin,
But you didn't you just ignored me, so fuck you too slim.
So when I see shady, I'm gonna kill him,
I don't care if the police find me and I go to prison.
Cus if he dies justice will be done,
Yesterday I went into town and brought a gun.

Come on you don't wanna shoot me do you stan?
Come on man, don't be stupid drop the gun out of your hand.
No slim, I'm here now, I might aswell do it SIREN RINGS
Who called the mother fuckin' cops? oh no I'm in shit!
I called them stan, I think you need some help,
What are you gonna do after you kill me, kill yourself?
Yeah! What I got to live for shady?
I'm broke, got no house, got no wife, got no baby.
Fuck you slim, don't try and talk me out of killing you
I don't care if I go to prison for a year or two.
Yeah, but stan I don't wanna die I got a family,
If you go to prison, you ain't never gonna have a wife and baby.
I know you're right slim but I might aswell do it, I'm here now,
The only family I got left is my mon and shes a cow,
I got no friends, nobody likes me,
But stan, if you kill mwho's gonna take care of hayley?
Ok slim shady, you've persuauded me,
I'm gonna start a new life in a new country,
But the cops are coming slim what am I gonna do?
Just go stan, run and I'll cover for you.

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