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Microphone Burglar - текст песни

Microphone Burglar

Late night in the tenderloin

Didn't get home until 3 in the morning

Kind of mellow and my mind's just wandering

Outside the rain is falling

But I feel alright

I think I'll make it through another night

My body's been stolen but my mind is my own

You got to work so hard to keep it all in control

And don't talk to the judge you won't get no pity

Sometimes you gotta take what you need in the city

And I don't want to disturb you

I'm the microphone burglar

Work all damn day and I'm taxed

Gotta get mine back cause my brain's been hijacked

Same four walls but you can't leave

The streets got no pity when you dream

Another scream outside of my window

But I ain't worried cause the front door's locked

I may not be the fastest runner but believe me

When the shit starts flying I'm the first one leaving

It's so easy to get caught with your hand in the jar

They leave bottles out but they're watching the bar

And if you push back they'll push harder

Gotta keep your head above emotional slaughter

And I don't want to make you alarmed

But I'm lyrically armed

5:30 and the sky is clearing

I close my blinds and I finish my beer

and it's one more night behind me

one more day is dawning in the city

and I feel alright

looks like I made it through another night

my love is yours but my pain is my own

take what I need and I'm gone

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