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Тексты песен на английском, аккорды, табулатуры, гитара, Texts of songs, the song text, chords, notes » J » Jerry Reed
Another Puff - текст песни

Another Puff

I know there`s a lotta talk going around today

About cigarette smoking whittling your life away

I`ve seen it and I`ve heard it so many times

That finally it just started to prey on my mind

I guess it scared me a little bit

That`s why I decided I was gonna quit

So while I was sitting here forming my battle plan

I took another puff and turned on the fan

I just sat there in my easy chair

And thought of all the money I`d wasted on cigarettes all these years

I thought how I`d spend the rest of my days

After I kick this habit my body craves

Said to myself this ain`t gonna be so tough

With that little bit of assurance

I took another puff

I took a puff, a puff, then I ripped off another puff

I decided I`d about had about enough

That breaking this habit won`t be too tough

Now I`ve give a lot of thought to this thing

If I didn`t smoke cigarettes I`d feel just like a king

Besides with the price going up every day

I knew I was just throwing all my good money away

You know I ain`t lit one in an hour or so?

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Just wanted to make sure I could quit you know

I was thinking maybe I oughta write all this down

Put it in a song (Texts of songs ) kinda circulate it around

Can`t ever tell it might make a hit

And that redneck Hall did a little bit

Can you imagine me a hit songwriter!

Now where`s... where`d I put that cigarette lighter?

After all it`s a habit and a habit you can break

Just a little bit of willpower son that`s all it takes

I said to myself you got to be tough!

And with that little bit of wisdom

I took another puff

I took a puff, and then a puff, then I finally ripped off another puff

And I decided boy this ain`t gonna be tough

Besides I`d just about had enough

I`m about ready to quit this rotten habit anyway

Oh I think they ought to take it offa television

It looks too good! Ow!

I like them skinny ones with the filter

Oh give it to me! Give it to me!

Cigarettes... I say if I quit smoking what`ll I do?

Maybe I`ll eat

Yeah I`ll eat cigarettes

Ahh, I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it

Chester B don`t smoke, he smokes logs!

Makes you laugh funny too

Oh my throat`s scratchin`, oh

I wish I could think of something bad to say about cigarettes

Boo on cigarettes, don`t smoke don`t smoke don`t smoke

You quit smoking that`ll leave more for me!

I love it I love it, no I don`t love cigarettes ya know

Don`t misunderstand me I hate cigarettes

Makes ya cough, and when ya don`t smoke it makes ya shake

I don`t know what`s worse, the shake or the cough

I think I`ll make me a coughshake, oh!

Son did you ever smoke?

Oh I remember one time I quit smoking

I quit for three months

My wife left me

So did my children

She took my house and left

It was a mobile home

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