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Song About my Brain - текст песни

Song About my Brain

Iґm mad so I am (come & take my hand)
A princess feels a grain of sand
And I donґt got much time (but you take my time)
Letґs roll our heads to the sinnerґs grave, yeah

Feed the vicious coons
Sleeping on the railway track
And yesterday I was (in the open light)
Heard that shuffle beat before
They told me to ignore

I wanna die now I wanna die now
And I picked up her dirty dress
She had decided not to belive in love
Cuz sheґs a floating far through space
And itґs a so called drop dead atmophere

Cuz when sheґs not here
I could hide behind my velveteen rabbit
And my habits are very queer
Yeah, daddy said my remember that you need not fear
Itґs blowin in my ear

Sehґll put a spell on you, donґt try to hide
Better keep her at your side cuz you wonґt come back alive
Sheґs gonna capture you inside her bed
Think about the pieces of your doubt & try instead
Sheґs gonna wrap you inside her hand
Think about her velvet dress that slips away like sand
Sheґs gonna draw your head between her legs
This time thereґs no return (no return)

Wegotta feed the vicious coon
And itґs a so called low down dirty shame
Just believe in what you are
And keep your eyes on the morning star

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