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On The Run - текст песни

On The Run

Jungle Brothers on the run y'all Jungle Brothers on the run (x2)
JBeez on the Run JBeez on the run.(x2)

Come on
Oh I run so much you would think I'm a bandit. [Why?]
You know why because I keep standing at it.
Move so much I often lose my shadow.
Don't know where but I know I got to go.
Meet somebody at a quarter to eight.
I'm a Scooby Do so I don't be late.
If I take my vine
I'll make it on time,
And if not, they'll be on my behind.
I get there late, but better later than never.
And when I get there, whatever is clever.
I won't be stopped by a chick or a cop
You know what I'm saying?
I know what you're saying.

[I can't stop]
Cause I'm
[On the Run]

[I can't stop]
Cause I'm, cause I'm, cause I'm, cause I'm
[On the run]
{end of chorus}

Some people say that I'm living inside the fast lane.
Some people say that I'm going insane.
Yesterday, I called my mother up on the phone. [hello?]
She said, "Son when are you coming home?
How many places do you have to go?
Tell me please 'cause I'd like to know."
I haven't seen my brothers in a year or two.
They're anxious to know what I'm going through.
My father wants 'em to know how I'm taking care of myself.
He hasn't seen me since December 12th.
My grandmother hasn't seen me since the eighth,
And she wants to know if I'm keeping the faith.
Nanny, Nanny, Granny, Granny,
Please don't hit me on my fanny.
Tell Grandpa that I said Hi,
I gotta go, see ya later, good bye.


Stop! Hold it! Freeze! Now!
Uh-huh, oh yeah. . .
I'm gonna get cha. . .

No time to waste, no time to spare
Just enough time to comb my hair.
Get myself dressed and on the run.
You're anti us and into sun.
Ride the vine and drink to tree
In and out of every part of New York City
Kangaroos on my tail, but that's ok.
I'm doing 90 and a great ok
Working at a job that never gets done.
Can't stop now cause I'm
[On the run]

Now I know why my girl be bugging [Why?]
Because I'm not there to give her that loving.
Say I'll be there, but I'm always late.
Before I wind up in another state.

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