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Promo No. 2 (Mind Review 89) - текст песни

Promo No. 2 (Mind Review '89)

* listed with this spelling or as "Baby Jungle Brothers"

Ahhh yeah, ha ha hah!
How y'all doin, everybody alright?
Yeah, that's real good (uh-huh)
Remember me? Heheh, I'm that guy
Hairy Jungle Brother, hehahahehah

Now I'm squattin, squattin on my treetop
watchin, as the Baby Bam beat rocks
Now more people are knowin (knowin)
Why the mighty Tribe is growin (growin)
As the vibe from the Tribe keeps glowin (glowin)
The wind from the bass keeps blowin (blowin)
In time, in time, rememberin that rhyme
Just a little somethin, to tickle your mind
Now that I got your mind workin
Yeah, how the J Beez workin?

Jungle Brothers on the run, makin babies
A Tribe Kalled Quest, first birth of the J Beez

Promo No. 1, Q-Tip had a fade
Promo No. 2, Q-Tip rocks braids
Ask Mike G about society
I said in time yo behind you'll see
Ali Shaheed, Jarobi and Phife
Up with the ? cause the ? means life
I'm poppin straight up so you can take the toll
from the J Beez, to De La Soul
Now there's a Tribe that's comin
Brothers on the street hum along with the beat
and repeat that pattern I summoned
... "Is it comin, is it comin?"
Indeed indeed, it's funky and groovy
... "But Q-Tip, do you really think it will move me?"
To El Segundo and back hon
New funk is here, so come get some
Don't stump your hump, come bump your rump
to the rip-diddy-dip dip rhythm

Yeah, right about now I'd like to take out these few seconds
to say whassup to my sound system
Uncle Sam, you alright? You alright?
Well alright..

{DJ cuts "kick this"}

Some folks wanna know, what goes on
Some don't like the way the J Beez carry on
Whassup with you brother, yea you black
The one with the red gold green applejack
Baby Bam, I chose the name
I don't want the fame I just wanna play the game
Beads around my wrist and around my ankle
You bought my record so now I thank you
Now it's time for me to resurrect
I've got to move on and take the next step
Raise my soul from out the graveyard
Take my rap to another backyard
Use my mind to do somethin new
Somethin that your crew never thought to do
God up above, won't you help me
to gather my people in unity
The new year's here, so I'ma start like this
Everybody raise your right first

C'mon! Let me hear you say yeahhh (yeahhh)
C'mon y'all, say oh yeah (ohh yeahh)

It's comin, it's comin (7X)
Red Alert Alert

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