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Тексты песен на английском, аккорды, табулатуры, гитара, Texts of songs, the song text, chords, notes » J » Jurassic 5
Action Satisfaction - текст песни

Action Satisfaction

I see dead man grins
Seven deadly sins
Couldn't keep his mouth closed in the house of chins
The all seeing eye that recognize the rap clones
Plus possess the pin to crack the pyramid stone
Its the call of the wild thats why my words rank high
Drop the verse for nine planets
That fell from the sky
Do or die you and I get fly with rap expressions
With the one two three four five

In the session with the lesson
Cause in bass and treble we trust
With the rebels orally ready in case we bust
And write a power chord and if the place be plush
We kick the old school like Julio Iglesius
Tapes we push be straps with no safety catch
We attack like a bullet till your face relax
And think about it
If you ain't got the class to flee
Be mentally ready for jurass-catastrophy

Now its time for me to rise
The lyric utilizer
Down like fertilizer
Quick to improvise
A style that can surprise ya
Your eyes is on the prize
We can go line for line
I ain't hard to find
While we break your spine
My mild style reclines
I'm laid back
All that talk you need to save that
The payback is all the reason that I'm flexing
The feds rocking like we x-men

Chorus: 2X
You say you want action satisfaction
The brothers with the positive reaction
The crew with style that№s on top of the pile
J5№s gonna rock a long long while

We get set
Who's up next to pull to a fast one
Lyrically connect the dots and then I blast one
Now who wants action satisfaction
Lyrics remind you of bass I'm everlasting
Casting plagues my styles crossing the switchblades
My momma shoulda named me grace cause I'm amazingly
Blazing with the fire and desire
I'm world renowned I gets down to the wire

If any child of mine gets out a line boastin№
My style of rhyme covers you like calamine lotion
Lifted out like vine motion I spend time stroking
You still drink a dime potion and dime boasting
But now my rhymes open brims a spirituality
We be giving power that you can share with your family
Aerodynamically cutting through danger
Ripping your narrow mentality nothing but flavor

Chorus 2X

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