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Тексты песен на английском, аккорды, табулатуры, гитара, Texts of songs, the song text, chords, notes » J » Jurassic 5
After School Special - текст песни

After School Special


You guys workin' on a new album?



You wanna hear a new album?

I wanna be on the album

I don't know about that


Check it out yo,

It's clear I'm burnin' out the candles here

The open-toed sandals here

I finesse any way I dress

Capital F-R-E-S-H so fresh

[Chali 2na]

Yo, the mass men who suppress pain like aspirin

Jurass men are the best trained assassin

Your class pins get thrown in the trash bins

You leaches and has-beens get your teeth smashed in

Hot as you'd keep a furnace

We kept it earnest

Poems puncture your epidermis

And swell up enormous

Smoother than candles or flannel pajamas

We raid the city on camels

And dismantle informers

The omen


We blowin' never knowing where we goin'

When we flowin' with the fresh word spoken

Your chokin' cuz my mikes smokin'

Hopin' that you get a chance to get into the open for some fresh air

But you already there

Ay yo I'm in the clear

West of the hemisphere J5 musketeers

Zorro with the oral editorial

The moral of the story I'm professional

[Chorus: x2]

J5 MC's

Then it's on!

[Marc 7]

Yo, I'm never cautious on MC's that make me nauseous

I feel that it's important

So Let's write and go record this

No need for applause

If you're kickin' the raw shit

We rotate tracks double back, just like swordfish

Word gifts is given when precision is I

Dominator, illustrator of this lyrical pie

Why you livin' a lie

Just unloosen your tie

So you can check the way we do this

In conclusion we fly


With the view from the bird's eye

With words I flown

I symbolize the skull and the cross bones

S to the O-U, P to the izzay

Sharp like the blade that stabbed the back of the OJ's

[Chorus x1]



Chali 2na

Marc 7

Cut Chemist



Jurassic 5 ya'll...

I'll rock the dock about to block back

To the underground until the next ground

Yo yo yo,I need a beat, a beat!

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