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Contribution - текст песни


Either your apart of the problem
Or you're apart of the solution
What's your contribution to life?

So many people complain always
Talk about change but
What's your contribution to life?

Either you wit it or ain't wit it
If it ain't broke don't fix it
What's your contribution to life?

Either you give or you take
Make moves or you wait
What's your contribution to life?

My momma & her nigga for life
Love carousel, cuss yell & fight
Seven nights a week
No respect when they speak disrespect
Between the sheets the ends don't meet
No rice, beans & meat
My momma was the bread winner
Plus she had to cook us dinner
My daddy was a full time sinner
Pappa was a stone & stayed gone till November
Off of that yak that made him act like the devil done tool his soul
And ain't givin it back
Remember that when you pray for the blessed
Speed victory to the poor & oppressed
I can't stand the stress the test that time press
Up against my momma & daddy chest
I try to rest with no stretch
Of the mind I can't find no peace of mind
Within this family of mine

She got chips and you don't
That's bottom line
Is this the way love goes - hmmm let's rewind
You really ain't paid, you clockin minimum wage
Now basically you a slave ya wife studies for days
No money for much, just movies and such
The way ya two hands clutch ya know its love not lust
Now she's sick of da bus and using you as a crutch
And on top of this stuff she graduates in a month
Damn… her new job got her clockin the dough
Now she's buying new clothes and taking you to the show
You feelin like you the ho
Not knowing which way to go
And ultimately you know you ain't feelin her so
You need to get up get out and get something
Ya job ain't nothing
All these years you just been fronting
That's the way she played ya the talk enraged ya
Went back to the days of a playa

She always said I'm out hustlin for food
Kitchen in need
While this nigga spend his ends on booze, bitches & weed
I thought that we agreed with two kids to feed
That you would slow yo role
But instead of switchin yo speed you slap me
You can't attack me
Thinking I'm gonna be happy
In fact get ta packin and leave rapidly
After we've witness no love between parents
The father type that was once on the scene
Vanished supreme damage to couples that match these
Producin generations of kids with latch keys
Her daughter learned from momma how to reject men
Her son attracts women that don't respect men
And then one parental provide can be the plan
But no woman can truly teach a boy to be a man
That's why I'm always tellin these many pals of mine
The most that you can spend on any child is time

Die Texte der Lieder. Тексты песен - На сайте свыше 500 текстов песен.

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