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Still In Love With My Ex (Remix Ft Yung Texxus) Lyrics - текст песни

Still In Love With My Ex (Remix Ft Yung Texxus) Lyrics

Ex (Yeah)

Ex (Kelly and Yung Texxus)

Ex (Yeah)


I never thought that we would break up for the better

Should've never made the promises to each other

So many things I should've said that you didn't know

Coming in from a past with a heavy load

But I knew that you were a good man

Give me love, you were faithful - It showed on my hand

I know there are questions in your mind you don't understand

Through the words of this song (Texts of songs ), I wanna answer them

Honesty (Check)

Conversation (Check)

A shoulder I can lean on anytime I'm feeling stressed (Check)

Good loving (Yes)

The perfect soldier (Yes)

Was about to say "I do," when I know it wasn't meant

So I

[1] - Search in my mind, trying to figure it out

And thought I was happy but I'm having some doubts

Think I found the answer and I know I must confess

I'm still in love with my ex

And I wasn't ready when I said that I loved you

And in my heart, I know that I gotta tell you

I shouldn't have gone from a situation to the next

I'm still in love with my ex


Every moment that I stayed, I dug a deeper hole

I was with you but my heart wouldn't let him go

All my family told me, "Kelly he's the one for you"

I know your family love me and I love them too

(I'm so sorry) I'm so sorry for the pain I put you through

But you shouldn't have to suffer cause I'm confused

So much for looking forward to future plans

Lost the love of my life and I lost a friend

Good to me (Yes)

Security (Yes)

You were all the things I wanted

Checking everything (Check, check)

You were comforting (Yes)

Romantic man (Yes)

How could I have said "I do," when I knew it wasn't meant

So I

[Repeat 1]

[Kelly (Yung Texxus)]


(I don't know why you're telling me all this now)

I've gotta own this

I've gotta own this game

(Yeah, I ain't the one you chose)

I can't believe I'm saying this..

Saying sorry is the hardest part

(Yeah.. aye, it's Yung Texxus)

[Yung Texxus]

From make-up's to break-up's

His and her Jacob's

Mi amore got issues galore, sure

We was all good-good, and it was all good-good

Now I'm reading old love letters (Damn)

My homies looking at me like, "You know better"

But I'm reminiscing so I had to consider

Did she go hard for me? (Yes)

Take a charge for me? (Yes)

Turn her head when them other hoes was callin' me? (Yes)

I can't lie, when she left she took a part of me

Part of me want her back but part of me can't pardon she (Nope)

Call it foolish pride but ****, who am I?

I made my mistakes, tossed my dirt to the side

Er'time we meet I see the hurt in her eyes

Cause I'm an ex-friend, ex-homey, ex-lover

So stop the phone calls, voicemails, etc.

Shawty keep the ring, forget the day I ever met ya

[Repeat 1]



Ex (Ex)

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