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Allah Sees Everything - текст песни

Allah Sees Everything

Allah sees everything everything
Allah sees everything everything

[P.R. Terrorist]
Yo Master thought inaudible to palms
Swing ya magic wand
Disarm ya firearm
Hear the sirens flee the scene calm
Through the eyes of God
I reside in modern day Vietnam
Filled with yound minds designed and curious
Soldier where's ya warpaint
Situations's getting serious new cops
New blocks, government issue new positions
To take the Gods off the earth
Is what the devil's wishing
You won't last with religion
It deals with division Allah's all
United we stand son, divided we fall
Throw a mic through a stage floor
And hear the crowd roar
Pandemonium, Killarm selling out in stores
Alcololic beverages, white boys sweating from their pores
Screaming hip-hop, is what we're living for


Eiyo, eiyo, what's today's mathematics, son you can't quote
You get ya throat chopped by the sword I possess
In my palms, that's coming down like napalm bombs
That cause explosions now you frozen
Thirty-two below the equator, cause you savor
The flavor that the God branded on ya dome
With the microphone
That's multiple like a lifesaver
Coming from all angles that hit ya pressure points
And ya joints like a chiropractor
That leave ya paralyzed
>From ya neck on down to asscrack
So where we at? We in da middle of a warzone black
Politically word life you better open
Yo eyes and realize the gameplan
That the caucasian man got mastered
And ya only plan with one man left on the battlefield
So grab ya stell and ya shield and stand firm
With your God-U now, your God-U's right now
Cock back with off safety with one in da head
Enough said


[9th Prince]
Yo, yo Poetic extremely urgent material
Hit the streets that's made of criminals imperial
My eagle claw snatch out your testicle
Imma kill her without the serial
Spitting poisonous darts seize the charts
Attack the heart, undersiege like sharks in the dark
Visionous lyricist with a pen that's poisonous
Deadly venoms that'll drill em, stick em, pill em
Reveal em and kill em like the Pilgrims
Challenging executioner, you must be stupid
I'm in Jupiter, I turn ya ass into stone like Medusa
Nighttime addition when I vision, MC's are prisoners
And stage is the prison, 9th Prince the warden
Mind is made of platinum, I feel a million civilians

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