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Dungeon Family Dedication - текст песни

Dungeon Family Dedication

[Killer Mike]


So niggaz want to know the story

Why the label got changed from Aquemini to Purple Ribbon, shorty?

Where Dre at man? Why isn't him and Big on TV man

Them boys still down? Organized goin' through changes

All I know is that Big here, Dre gone, moved on

[Scratched] All I know that Big here, Dre gone, moved on

[Scratched] Big here, Dre gone, moved on

Changed names from Aquemini to Purple Rib-bon

My first album slept on, failed to do a mil

But yet and still, my babies haven't missed a meal

God damn, is there a curse on Dungeon Fam?

The Goodie Mob broke up, the DF album didn't jam

Before Lil Jon had the grill in his mouth

Khujo Goodie had the dreads with the grill in his mouth

And Bubba Sparxxx gave you the phrase new south

Like Cool Breeze gave you the phrase dirty south

Is it only me? Or does Pharrell sometimes remind niggaz of

Sleepy Brown back in '93?

I know its been like 12 Decembers (yeah, suttin' like that)

Let's remember "All the playas came from far and wide"

Yeah suttin' like that, talkin playalistic Cadillac

In the trap with +Two Dope Boyz+

Spittin Organized Noize via microphone

Do you believe The Source gave only gave 4 and a half microphones

They shoulda gave that a classic, ax Charlie Braxton

Damn man, I'm still amazed

The boys had the nerve to boo Big and Dre

When they hit the stage to accept the Source award

My heart dropped like a million other country boys

I thought my Mind was Playin Tricks like the Geto Boys

Damn man, I miss the interludes by Big Rube

He gave us knowledge that they wouldn't give us in school

So our mind wasn't so sick

Speakin' of being sick man I need a doctor

Which doctor? Bring back the Witch Doctor

[Scratched] Feelin' me, bring back the Witch Doctor

Feelin' me, here's an interesting fact from me

When the boy Bobby V signed with DTP

He spit about blackberry molasses over Organized beats

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