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Тексты песен на английском, аккорды, табулатуры, гитара, Texts of songs, the song text, chords, notes » K » Kimya Dawson
Id Rather Go With Friends Than Go Alone - текст песни

I'd Rather Go With Friends Than Go Alone

Is New York City really like a graveyard?"

they all ask me and i say

"well it was last week and man,

that was in the past."

See, I stopped going to the places

where the people act so nasty and pretentious

cause i'm happy sitting with my friends on sidewalks singing songs.

And some people are still standing

in the way of where I'm going,

so I say "please excuse me, step aside,

or keep on moving."

And I guess they sense

that my momentum meant that I was winning,

but I'm only just beginning

and I'd rather go with friends than go alone.

And some people grab my hands

and some people grab my shirt.

Some people race ahead to see if they can get there first.

Some people stay behind 'cause

they've got something else in mind.

Whatever you decided,

if you are true to you you're gonna be all right.

I wonder as I wander if I'll ever settle down,

or if everyday I'll take my roots

uprooted on route to another town.

But I am a rock tumbler

I've got rocks inside my head and

just because they come out shining,

doesn't mean that they are diamonds.

Be a great big burning ball of gas

and I'll be sitting on my big fat ass

and sipping crystal light beside a plastic wading pool.

And the next day I'll be somewhere else

and part of me will hate myself

and part of me will know deep down that I am pretty cool.

The part of me that knows I never cared for being cool.

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