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What IM About To Say - текст песни

What I'M About To Say

[Verse 1:]
How you think things is gonna ever change?
If you keep doing the same old things
You ask the Lord for help
But you won't help yourself
Now you sitting there with your worries and cares
Talkin about God won't answer your prayers
You got that feeling He let you down
You tried to swim and he let you drown
But that's not ever the case, you looked the solution dead in the face
Did a u-turn and headed your way, and now you say that religion is fake
But if you search your mind, I guarantee you'll find
When you was in a bind, the Lord was there like every time
But you ignored the signs wanting sombody to blame
But let's be real you got free will
and God ain't gone come out the sky and make you change
But when you make the same mistakes over and over
And you get older and older, when the game over its over
You can't say nobody told ya, when you sleep in the grave
and I hope you heed the words that I say, heed the words that I say

[Verse 2:]
How long you think you gone really roll?
How long before they kick down your door?
Throw you and your kids on the floor
Tearing up your crib and they lookin for dope
Found one brick and they lookin for more
and now your goose is cookin for sure
How many times you done heard it said?
that you gone wind up in jail or dead?
Not you 'cause you just too smart
got alot of brains and too much heart
Besides you not in the game for life
you can stop just as soon as you start right?
But one year turns to 2, and 2 years turn to 4, and 4 years turn to 8
Now you can' stop its just too late
Now you await your fate, wondering how its gone came
Is it gonna be your local PD, theDEA or a young assassin's gun?
Now you ain't havin fun, stuck up in your house and
lookin out the window with a pistol like Malcolm
Thinking somebodys coming to get your thousands
But if I was in your shoes
I'd drop to my knees and pray
and ask the Lord to show me another way, man heed the words that I say

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