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A Thugs Love Story (chapter i ii Iii) - текст песни

A Thug's Love Story (chapter i ii Iii)

[Kool G Rap]
I know this chick yo mami is rich she push a six
Living some bloodshed her man is pushing bricks
Crib way out in the sticks they house looking slick
It's like some shit straight out of a Hollywood flick
Me and my clique met the chick up at Saint Nicks
Honey was thick I was the first nigga to kick
Yo mami was thick silk skirt with thigh split
I couldn't quit trying to peep out the privates
The live shit, you know how loose I get
I'm scheming on her back, peeping her hips, fiending to hit
Plump cherry lips, medium tits, Chink eyes her baby hair chick
The type you want to pair with, have an affair with
? flip me the digits, to the hip and the phone flip
Said she had to split, hopped in the whip, headed up the strip
Probably had to get with her man and shit
Later on at night, I'm stressing love at first sight
Some ain't right, I ain't the type of cat like me
To be dealing with mad feelings
And even though mami was mad appealing
Body revealing and big wheeling
This shit is illin, I don't like it
Fuck it, I can't fight it
I reaching for the cordless to call Miss
I insist to get with this
Tan Tone answer the phone, "Hello, who this?" (chick)
"It's me baby, G Luciano, what up lady"
"Fine and how you doing boo" (chick)
"Ain't nothing new but you, angel, yo why don't you swing through
"we could sip on some champagne from Spain boo"
About an hour or two she came thru, fly hairdo
We link, push in the six circle circle drink
To purple mink, had mad bank, Chanel bag full of Benjamin Franks
More ices than a hockey rink, face of a Saint
Went for a drink ? Hot shots
Would wanna spend those five digit o's, on bimbo's
Bar closed, back to her six double o, she drove
My eyes closed her nigga dozed, when I awoke
Saw mad snow, we at her spot at the Poconos
Bridge robes, crib hot as a stove
She changed out of her clothes, put on a silky bath robe
Panty hoes with see thru holes, pretty toes
Took me into the master suite, shit was sweet
Jacuzzi four feet deep, with satin sheets
As I was speaking to this half black/latin freak
Met on a Manhatten street, body petite, fat on the cheeks
I was getting open, started laughing and joking
We weed smoking, stroking, the shorty's spoke and
Said what the deal is, the realness
My man is crazy as Bruce Willis
If he catches us, he'll try to kill us
He got a whole army of Kiiers
Me no worry, I got the clapper son
End of the first verse, chapter one
Shit is real in the field
Thug love story

[G. Luciano]
So here I am
Laid up in this lavish house, up in the Poconos
With this chick I don't even really know
Steady stressing me how ill her man is
So what I go and do, heh-heh, I nail her ass to the bed anyway
Straight twisting mami's back out
Hit three o'clock, fell right the fuck to sleep
Clothes still on, breath smelling like Henrock
Totally no kind of regards for this bitch's man
I guess it's just another one of those G Rap adventures

[Kool G. Rap]
The next day about a quarter to eight
I heard a squeek on the staircase
Got the gat from under the pillow case
Somebody broke in, now me and boo fully awoken
Good thing I slept inside my clothes and shorty was frozen
I'm waiting for a head to poke in, and start smoking
The home invasion, right through the door, he started blazing
Bullets was grazing, shit was crazy and
I had to think to fast, let the gun blast, duck, then dash
Heard a crash, they broke through the door, they on her ass
Jumped off the balcony like a falcon Gee
With honey right in back of me, feel on top of the snow in agony
Shit was thick, couldn't get to the six, they loaded the fifth
Saw the snowmobile yo fuck it
We start jumped it, get on top of the shit and peeled

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