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Im Kool Moe Dee -

I'm Kool Moe Dee

What are you crazy, you know who I am

(moe dee!) yes, I’m the man

I am the flyest, cleanest, baddest, meanest

Rapper that walks the streets

My rhymes are always on point

Smooth as an ointment

I mitigate any beat

I’ll take you where I wanna go

I sound slick when I kick it on a slow tempo

And if you ask if there’s someone better than moe

Like luther vandross, they’ll say, ’don’t you know?

Really, really, really don’t you know? ’

Cause I’m a real rap warrior, elite astoria

I’ll take on 104 of ya

Highest paid rappers if they put up the plucks

And I’ll prove that they’re all ducks

Cause I don’t care nothin ’bout your money and gold

Don’t wanna hear about how many recrods you sold

Cause none of that don’t mean nothin to me

Cause I’m ’the greatest’ - but not ali

I’m kool moe dee

What are you senile, have you lost your mind?

I’m the greatest rapper of all time

If they had a rapper’s hall of fame, bein that it’s all a game

I might not be down, because some rappers got a name

From screamin and yellin with hot records sellin

But your rhymes are smellin, that’s why I’m tellin

You, when I go, homeboy, I’m gone

Cause I’m better but don’t get me wrong

There is no disrespect meant, my only intent

Is to get some of that cold cash to spend

Consider rappin as a competitive sport

And we’re all enemies on the court

But when the game is over I’ll shake your hand

Give ya a pound, cause you’re still my man

But if you put both of us in front of a mic stand

Homeboy, it’s a new game plan

Cause I gotta disrespect ya, try to disconnect ya

Break you down like a clown cause I’m an intellect, ya

Bird brain rappers I call hip-happers

Not hip-hoppers, cause y’all just happen to

Be on a mic so you can hear your voice

But your rhymes is dunkenheins, soft and moist

Some rappers are too hard and others too soft

But I’m perfect, I just go off

Because I depict rappin consumately

Cause I’m ’the greatest’ - but no ali

I’m kool moe dee

Don’t piss me, I know you miss me

So now you think I fell off? don’t diss me

Just use some innovation and close your eyes

And visualize us on the enterprise

And set all coordinates on the subordinate

Rappers, beam em up, take their minds and broaden it

Set em back to earth and watch the network

Multiply by mega-millions, you witness a burst

Of a new society, rappers with variety

So much prestige, flair and notoriety

Michael and prince would seem like small figures

It’s hard to believe but think about it, it figures

I personify perfection and my mic is a tool

I make another rapper feel small as a molecule

There’s no race no contest, I’ll never have to jostle

They’re small time, to them I am collossal

I’m a gladiator with the image of a god

I’m powerful but camouflaged

Like moses had the power to separate the sea

I by the power invested in me

Put words in rhythm, recite em as poem

Put em on records to display em and show em

To an entourage of fiends who are also loyal

Who through their eyes are seeing me as the royal

King that feed the hungry souls

That starve for excitement ? ? ? ?

The ice man cometh, kool moe dee

The messiah is rated on a higher marquee

I be a god, apex of the hip-hop cult

I’m the leader rhyme breeder, yes, I am the ult-

Imate idolized figure, there’s not a name bigger

Than kool moe dee cause no one has the vigour

That I possess and that’s cause i

Really feel that I’m the best, so I personify

Rap to the fullest, I totally perplex

The majority of rappers and they turn out vexed

The other competition because of my position

I don’t stop rockin under no condition

I rock non-stop but don’t ever fatigue

And many experts in the busines are so intrigued

That they begin to draw conclusion, some askin questions

Is it possible to rock by the power of suggestion?

Well that depends totally on the source of power

And if it’s your brain, the answer’s of course cause I’m a

Auto-hypnotic, reverse-pschotic

That’ll make you feel, if you want it I got it

Every second you spend with me

You know you feel that this is the place to be

Because I depict rappin consumately

I’m ’the greatest’ - but not ali

I’m kool moe dee

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