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Pimpin Lessons - текст песни

Pimpin Lessons

[Daddy X:]

Yo Yo

Pimpin Lessons

Cause If You Ain't Fucking That Pussy

Somebody Else Is, Belevie That

Listen Up Here

Check It

Here's A Little Word From A Pimp To A Player

Forget The Limp, You Just Gotta Have Flava

Spit Some Game She Never Heard Before

Come Original Like A Musical Score

Keep Your Stick Firm Cause Now You Tha Conductor

Think How Many Cats Came Before You Fucked Her

Turn The Kitty Out And Beat That Shit Up

Before You Catch A Bad Case Of Puppy Love

It's About Endurance And How Long You Can Last

Let Her Come First And Learn To Make Her Laugh

Now Ima Charge You Double For Our Next Little Session

That's Why We Call These Pimpin Lessons

Lesson One

Before You Pop The Inside Out

Before You Go And Buy It, Gotta Try That Shit Out

Lesson Two

Don't Buy That Sweet And Innocent Role

Cause Girls Are All The Same Everywhere We Go

They Have Little Dark Secrets Hidin In That Hole

And No One Rides For Free, Gotta Pay A Tole

Lesson Three

I'll Save That For The Next Session

Money Up Front, These Are Pimpin Lessons


And I'm Next Up Teachin Lessons So Listen Close

Females Like Money, Man They Love The Dough

Cause With Dough Comes Nice Clothes And Fancy Things

But A Pimp Don't Use Money When He's Pimpin His Game

See His Game Consists Of Spittin Sick Poetry

Words That Love The Girls Hears And Tickles Their Fancies

Gotta Make The Ladies Want It Till They Can't Get Enough

No Waitin To Be Nice When And It's Time To Get Rough

You Gotta Beat It Up And I Don't Mean Fists And Kicks

I Mean Beat It Up In Bed, Diggin Deep In Those Hips

Hit It Rite All Nite And They'll Be Beggin For More

Just Watch The Line Form Outside Of My Bedroom Door


Lesson Three

It's Always Best To Have Safe Sex

Even When The Pussy Smells Oven Fresh

You Don't Wanna Come Up Short On That Test

And You Don't Wanna Leave Any Eggs In The Nest

Lesson Four

You Never Need To Tell No Lies

Cause She's Been Hearn That From All Those Other Guys

You Learn A Little More Of That In Lesson Five

Remember, Money Up Front For These Pimpin Guidelines


Now You Wanna Be A Pimp, You Better Act Like A Pimp

Walk Round My House With Some Old School Slips

Keep My Shoes Clean And My Shoes Nice And Dapper

Keep My Pants Fresh And My Cap Even Fresher

Got To Smell Good, You Know That Boogey Down Boogey

Got The Backyard Pimp Style Wit A Jaccuzi

Got The Bad Girl, Nice Tits And Nice Ass

Got The Soft Lips For That Dick Suckin Test

You Know She Got Back, You Should See It When She Walk

You Should See That Shit When Im In It In My Spa

Baby Feel Good, Yeah I Love The Way She Do It

I Love The Way She Break It Down With Body To Prove It

Pussy Always Nice Like Beer In My Cooler

You Ain't A Pimp Mothafucka, You A Loser


Lesson Five

The Game Starts To Get A Little Deeper

Catch A Couple Flounders, Even Thinkin They're Keepers

Lesson Six

Don't Confuse Your Brain With Your Dicks

And Go And Knock Up Some Psycho Chick

Cause If So, That Could Be All She Wrote

You Better Pay Attention Kid Take Some Notes

Make Sure The Girl Pays And Leaves Some Of Your Bills

Even If You Sittin On A Couple Mil

Cause The More You Give Will Be The More They Want

And One More Thing. Pimp On


Pimp On


You Ain't No Pimp Mothafucka

You A Loser

With Your 1998 Ford Ranger

Two Bucks In Your Pocket

Wit No Smokes

And An Ugly Bitch

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