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The Promise - текст песни

The Promise

I am quite a sinful man,
I am a thief that lives off the hands
Of other people who work in the street
To make sure that their children eat.

I am ashamed of the things I do,
But I know that someday too
I'll pay the price for my selfishness,
That causes others so much distress.

I was put into prison because I got caught
I should have listened to what I was taught
So, I stayed there waiting for my life to end
And thought of the people I did offend

They must be happy for me to die
So they can say, "An eye for an eye"
That is the way things have always been
When someone does wrong, do it back to him.

But I have heard of a different Man
Who says to love others as much as you can
His words like Himself are gentle and meek,
"If somebody hits, turn the other cheek."

He gives a message that no one has heard
And some people say that it is absurd
The Messiah, they say, is supposed to be strong
But, this one is weak, that has to be wrong

So they didn't believe Him, and took Him to court,
They stripped and whipped Him and did things of the sort.
They put a crown of thorns on His head,
And to Golgotha, He had been led.

When I saw Him suffer, I became distraught,
This Man did nothing...why was He on a cross?
Me, I deserve it for all I've done.
This is the punishment that I have won.

This Man fed thousands and made the blind to see,
So they nailed His body high on a tree
He cured the sick and healed the lame
But in the end He was to blame

His courage moved me to be unafraid,
'Cause in His humility, He was betrayed.
He was put on a cross, hung on a tree
They crucified Him right next to me.

As I watched Him I marvelled at His face
It seemed so kind and full of grace
I felt my heart about to burst
When He said in His quiet voice, "I thirst."

For someone at the end of His life,
He seemed so peaceful, not filled with strife.
He was awaiting some higher power
To come and glorify Him in this hour

I felt in my heart a sudden change
Like Something or Someone made me rearrange
I all at once felt so full of love
That I knew it had to come from above

The peace that I felt had come from this Man
He made my heart whole through His outstretched hands
I used all the humility He gave me to say,
"Lord, remember me in your Kingdom, today."

I searched my heart, and I just knew
That the words He spoke would have to be true.
'Cause what He said then was simple and wise
He said, "Today, you'll be with me in Paradise."

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